Monday, March 23, 2009

Windy Hondo

We were suppose to head out yesterday for Pecos, Texas, but Weatherbug predicted high winds with gusts of 50 MPH, so we decided to stay put for the day.

Last year we were traveling with Mike and Sandy Bubar for a month in March-April 08. One day we put out from Flagstaff to Page, Arizona, and encountered a horrible wind storm. We had only driven a little way when we called it quits, as it was just too dangerous to drive in high winds....we're a little high profile if you know what I mean.

We pulled into Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument outside of Flagstaff to get away from the wind. The park is result of volcanic blasts back in 1060-1184 A.D. that left this cinder cone. The terrain looks today like it did then with lava flow trails and hillsides of black rock. We pulled into a side road to weather out the storm. Sandy and I started drinking Bloody Marys (it was already 11 am so it was OK) and we all started playing cards to take our minds off the blowing winds. It sure battered us around and I really thought the rigs would be pushed over by the wind. But we survived and took off for Page the next morning.

Yesterday in Hondo wasn't that bad, but Pecos did experience 50 MPH winds so it was good we didn't drive today. I had fried up some chicken to eat on the road for lunch, so we took all the food down to the clubhouse and had an indoor picnic. Bill, Lesle and Trish all brought food and we had a good old time. Even played "May I" card game till 3 pm.

We borrowed the DVD of Bucket List from Bill and Lesle and watched it last night. Pretty good movie....I'd see it again.

Well, it's early Tuesday and we will be hitting the road soon. Next is Pecos, Texas!

Remember - you are loved!

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