Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pretty Hats

I finally finished a couple of hats for my bud, Lory, and they came out pretty good.


Here is my dear friend, Salai, modeling a helmet hat I knitted for Lory to sleep in.  Because of the shape it won’t slip off easily. It also keeps your neck warm. I always sleep with a knitted hat on.




Then I had Salai try on the summer hat I knitted for Lory.  It came out cute.



Lory told me she wanted a hat for the summer with a visor to shade her eyes.  She also wanted me to give her braids because she wanted to be able to flip her head around and feel like she had hair.


So here’s what I came up with.  I used cotton and acrylic yarn to keep her head cool and then found some brownish yarn with a heather affect for the braids. I used 12 strands of yarn about 45 inches long – folded in half and put the fold around the kitchen cabinet knob and braided it. They looked like real hair.  I gave her a couple of safety pins to attached the braids to the hat.

So here is my Sweetie Pie, Lory, in her new hat with braids.  She loved it.


Lory liked this hat so much she wants another in yellow.  The yellow Jeanna yarn has been ordered, Lory, so more hats are being knitted.

Remember, you are loved.

Monday, May 27, 2013

On The Move Again

We’ve completed our work here in the Red Feather District….45 miles northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado…and will move today down south to Nederland.

We’ve been up here doing some “one-on-one” training on the paperwork involved in camphosting. Got to use some of my computer background buying a dial-up modem and setting up an account with PeoplePC so the area manager can get online inexpensively up here in the forest. 

This week Jim and I will attend another camphost training session for another district.  We really like being a part of the training sessions because we get to meet all the camphosts…the front-line folk who service our guests.  Plus I love training and hope I’ll get a portion to do.

Weather here has been beautiful!!!  Days in the 70-80s with the nights 45*…perfect sleeping weather.  This is a grand time to be out camping!

Remember, you are loved.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Camp Hosts Wanted

  • Want to spend the summer in the cool mountains of Colorado?
  • Don’t mind getting paid for working a few hours a day?
  • Like people and enjoy the outdoors?

Well, do we have a deal for you. 

We have an immediate need for three camp hosts, for the Granby, Colorado area of the Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest.  Work involves greeting guests, maintaining the campground, cleaning out fire pits, restroom cleaning and general record keeping.

If you are intrigued with the possibilities email us at and we can discuss it.

Is it still appropriate to say “Remember, you are loved” at the end of at the end of this type of blog post???  Sure it is! It’s always appropriate to let people know they are valued, loved and cared for.  And you all ARE.

Remember, you are loved.
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Friday, May 24, 2013

We have a great granddaughter

We took a day off a couple weeks ago and drove down to Santa Fe to see our family and meet our new great granddaughter on her one month birthday.

CIMG2742 CIMG2749

Even Poncho looked excited to see the baby.
Four generations

I think this is a beautiful photo of their little family.


We had a great afternoon with all of the family together. 


Thank you, Tom, for taking the photo


We don’t see each other often because everybody is working their own schedules.  We are very happy when every one makes the effort to come together when we do manage to get together.

Remember you are loved.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We’re OK

We are alive….OK….and well!!!  Just busy with our new summer job.  In one week Jim drove from Alamosa to Salt Lake City area and back and the next day we drove to Granby in two trucks and a trailer, spent the night and drove back to Alamosa.  Lots of driving.

We are now in the Fort Collins area attending camphost training sessions.

Next week we drive to the Boulder for another set of training sessions.

Poncho is happy with all the new sights and smells.

You are loved.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dinner and Friends

Received a phone call from Dianne that she and Tom just arrived in Alamosa and did we want to go to dinner…..yes, of course.  We met at Chili’s.


I met Dianne some 25 years ago through church.  Jim and I have been answering questions and encouraging Dianne and Tom in their quest to become fulltime RVers for a couple of years now.  Well, they made it! Sold their house in record time, Tom retired and off they went.

After dinner we went out to where their “new to them” motorhome was parked to check it out.  They have a wonderful 2004 Newmar Mountain Aire 36 foot with 2 slides.  Oh I sure did like the layout on this one….hummmmm, “hay Jim…what do you think?  Could we…….”

We enjoyed to chat and learn where they had been since last September and to tell them about our new summer job.


Dianne and I are going to meet later this week so I can help her with her blog “Rockin’ and Rollin’ with Tom and Dianne”.

Remember, you are loved.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Back from Pueblo

Weeeee, what a great time we had at Pueblo. We stayed at the Pueblo West Campgrounds & Stalls.  Yes, there are horse stalls at one end of the campground and there were a couple of horses and a new foal housed there.  Since the weekly rate was cheaper than paying for five days, we went over on Monday.

Tuesday we met at a restaurant with the area managers who came to take the water certification class….Jim also took the class for his renewal certification.  We enjoyed appetizers and soft drinks and got to know each other.

While the others were in class I was able to spend one day at the nearby Yarn Shop enjoying the company of other knitters.

On South McCulloch St in Pueblo West
Group of ladies being instructed
Very nice selection of wool, bamboo, acrylic and silk yarns
Display by the windows are tastefully done
Even Swedish embroidery is taught
Everyone concentrating on their project

The Yarn Shop is the only independent yarn store left in Pueblo, since the other two have closed in the last couple of years.  Although their closures wasn’t due to lack of business, it’s sad to see independent businesses closing down.  I find it harder and harder to find independent yarn shops as we travel across the country.

Friday we got an unexpected call from Bill Borger saying he was spending the weekend nearby and wanted to see us.  When he came over we couldn’t believe our eyes….this was Bill???? He had gastro bypass surgery and has lost about 160 pounds.  He looks amazing!!!!!

Santa Fe Bill, Lesle,Beth,Christine and us
Bill before with Lesle
Bill after
Bill now …. Wow!!!

After water certification participants took their test on Friday morning we started our American Land & Leisure area manager training on Friday afternoon.  It was just so convenient to have almost everybody already gathered together, so we took advantage of that to have our meeting. The one remaining couple drove down from Boulder to also attend so everyone was there.  The training went very well with lots of input and discussions…..loved it!!!



What a GREAT group!  We are going to have a wonderful summer together.

Sunday we drove back to Alamosa and set up at “Chapman Campground” at Jim’s brother’s place along with another.  Brian and Carol will help clear out company things in storage in Antonito.  Some things will go to Utah and some will go up north to our campgrounds in the Arapaho National Forest.

I have two pages of items to follow up on from our training meeting.  So we will all be busy getting ready for our summer and helping our campers discover the joy and wonder of being outdoors in the national forests.

Remember, you are loved.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In Pueblo

We are here in Pueblo for Jim to attend classes to renew his water certification…this allows him to do the maintenance and testing of the water  systems at campgrounds. 

While driving from Alamosa to Pueblo we were guided to the side of the road by the State Patrol.  He was clearing two lanes for the upcoming convoy of vehicles.



Here it comes. Diesel said Might Mitt, I think but couldn’t find anything online
Behind the front diesel this huge machine on extra wheels
This is the machinery called Mega Morgan; again no info online
Behind the machinery was THREE additional diesel cabs connected by steel rods for stability.  It must have been a very heavy load requiring 3 diesels to push it up La Veta Pass

We have a couple of dear friends, both who live in
CIMG2709Pueblo, so we arranged to meet them both for dinner Monday.  This is Judy who we knew from church in Alamosa and Jean, a retired librarian I met in Leadville while I was at a conference.

We met at The Hen House here in Pueblo West….and yes, they serve all sorts of chicken dishes along with fish and chops.  Take a look of Jim’s chicken fried steak!!! It was as big as his out-stretched hand…


Cute building with “all things chicken” as decorations inside.

Yesterday we shopped for all the refreshments we will need for our two-day area manager training Jim and I will hold Friday and Saturday. 

In the evening we met seven of our area managers at a restaurant and had appetizers and iced tea. (They are also attending the water certification class.)  It was so nice to be able to put a face with a voice.  Oh, we have a good strong crew and looks like we’ll have a terrific summer.  Can’t wait!!!

Remember, you are loved.
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