Sunday, March 1, 2015

More Condo Visitors

Jim’s brother and SIL were in the area two weekends ago and came over to see our condo and have dinner.


Don has taken us out for dinner numerous times over the years and never let us pick up the tab.  This time we paid him back for once with two inch, choice, rib eye steaks we got from Sprouts.



I laid out a nice table for the occasion








We enjoyed sitting outside on the patio for drinks



Everyone was happy with dinner

They took home leftovers
Jim was a happy camper

When we came to the area back in October we heard from some folks we worked with at back in 2009 at Coffeyville, KS.  Joyce and Bill are workamping in El Mirage, just up the road a couple of miles.  So last Wednesday we were finally able to work around their schedule and had them over for happy hour. We had sooo much fun talking about our adventures through the years and the workamping jobs we all had.  We will definitely be seeing them again before we leave for the summer.  Great folks.

DSCN5249 DSCN5250Look at the nice gift Joyce made for us.  And I really need the hot pads and dish clothe.

The next day Edie and Lee came up from Mesa.  We toured them around Sun City and grilled some burgers.  We enjoy these guys so much and five hours just flew by.




Edie said we were “twinkies” since we were both wearing yellow shirts.




Jim got out the barbecue set we won at the Boomerville C.A.R.E. auction, even donning the apron that was in the box.


Sunday Carolyn and Roy drove up from Quartzsite to visit. They are another couple we met while working at amazon in Coffeyville, KS. We started telling tales and laughed so hard and loud I’m glad there isn’t anyone on the one side of us for fear we would have disturbed them….but it was fun!!!

DSCN5256 DSCN5257

Carolyn and Roy will be working in South Dakota this summer and we plan to meet up when we drive up there to renew our drivers’ licenses this summer.  Thanks for making the trip up to see us.

We have sooo enjoyed entertaining all our friends these last two weeks. It’s been so nice that so many of them are wintering in this area of Arizona.  Now after removing most of our possessions from the RV, it’s time to put things BACK in preparation for our trip to Escapade in Tucson later this week. 

We will leave Sun City Tuesday or Wednesday and stay at Snyder Hill on Ajo Way and San Joaquin Road off I-19 in Tucson. We are part of the parking crew as are many of the Class of 2007.  That way we get to see a lot of our friends as they come in.  We are excited to see friends who are spending winter elsewhere but are coming to Escapade.  It will be a lot of fun!

Remember, you are loved.
Read the story behind this saying HERE

Jan’s Gang Come to Visit

I just call them “Jan’s Gang” – the folks who joined the Moores after Boomerville out to mile marker 99 also known as Roadrunner.  Many of them went on to stay together at North Ranch Escapees RV Park in Congress, AZ. 

They were still around when we moved into our RV and wanted to see our condo, so we invited them all over to take the tour and have some grilled brats.  We invited a few other RV couples in the area to round it out.

The Tuesday after the weekend we moved in “Jan’s Gang” all piled in together and it sure was funny seeing them come down the sidewalk single file, each carrying their chairs and holding a snack.  We all fit in the patio and had a great time talking and eating.

DSCN5198 DSCN5197
DSCN5199 DSCN5200
Even our realtor, Rich came by
Poncho didn’t know what was happening or where to go
DSCN5204 DSCN5207

I couldn’t believe we got 22 people in the condo with room to spare.


The condo tour went well and everyone seemed to like what we got.

Remember, you are loved.