Saturday, September 20, 2014

Autumn Colors

This afternoon we took a drive up to Creede to see the aspen trees change color.  It was really beautiful. 

DSCN4271 DSCN4293
DSCN4270 DSCN4268
DSCN4292 DSCN4294

You look over at a mountain side and there…bam….is a brilliant patch of yellow some with a red tinge.


Remember, you are loved.
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Met a Blog Follower

Yesterday I went to The Roast and met Dave and Joyce who have been following our blog for a couple of years.

Dave-Joyce Vetkos

They were friends with the folks who relieved us on the first gate guarding job we had back in 2012.  Dave and Joyce live in Fort Garland just up the road from Alamosa to the east, but they have been gate guarding pretty steady for the last two years.

So after “messaging” each other through facebook and a couple of phone calls through the years, it was nice to finally meet each other.

This is just another reason that I love this nomadic lifestyle we are living.  You meet so many people and experience such wonderful events like this.

Remember, you are loved.