Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LED Lighting

Jim changed over three of our pot lights from halogen to LED lighting.  We used Philips Accent LED Indoor Capsule



It uses 3.5 watts (170 lumens)  G4 pin, equivalent of a 20 watt  (250 lumens) halogen and it is cool to the touch, not hot like the halogen.  Plus it gives off a brighter light. I was very pleased with how much light I had at night to knit and being able to see each stitch easily.  And at $11 each it is affordable for the reported average life of 13.7 years.  We bought ours at a Home Depot…Lowes didn’t have them.

Since wants $16.52 for the same thing, we drove back to Santa Fe Home Depot and got four more LEDs for the three pot lights above the kitchen sink and one over my side of the bed where I read every night.

More and more RVers are switching over to LEDs to conserve battery use when boondocking or, like Jim, with a desire for safety to eliminate the heat of a halogen….energy efficiency and less heat makes LEDs very desirable. 

Remember, you are loved.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Zoey’s First Birthday

Starting off on Friday we attended 9 Health Fair to get our blood drawn and for $30 get a multiple of tests done.  They also offer skin screening, hearing test, blood pressure and oxygen tests, etc.

Later in the afternoon we attended a retirement reception for two Alamosa city employees we knew.

Judy Egbert has been City Clerk since 1993
Don Koskelin has been head of the Public Works Department since 1993

Afterwards we went to out for a pizza dinner with Heinz and Angela.

Saturday was a “stay inside and stay out of the wind” day, and we did just that.

Sunday (yesterday) we drove to Espanola and left off Poncho at The Abeytas and drove on to Santa Fe to attend the first birthday party of our great-granddaughter, Zoey.

First we surprised our daughter and grandson as they were working at Red Lobster.  We splurged and enjoyed a couple of lobster dishes with shrimp and crab legs. Yum


DSCN3278     DSCN3279

Originally the birthday party was suppose to be held at a local park, but it was very, very windy so the location was changed to a relative’s home.

In between Jim cooking burgers and dogs, I got everyone together for a photo.


But this photo is a more accurate depiction of how we usually act when together


Here we are with the birthday girl and also with our other great-granddaughter, Amity.

DSCN3295       DSCN3296

Here’s four generation on Zoey’s material side



Soon it was time to make our way home so we stopped once more at The Abeytas and picked up Poncho…he came home begrudged…he really likes Teddy.

We encountered a lot of wind driving back to Alamosa and then as we got closer to town we met sleet and then snow.  This is what we woke up to this morning. 
DSCN3299    DSCN3300

It wasn’t suppose to snow last night, according to the weather forecast, but it got down to 17* and produced about two inches of snow.  Our water lines froze and we popped the breakers a couple of times using too many appliances at once.  Ohhhhh, spring time in the Rockies.  We come back mid-April to get taxes done and attend 9 Health Fair, but I think we should come and then leave until mid or late May.  We are just not adapt to cold weather anymore.

Remember, you are loved.