Monday, April 20, 2015


We have never been in Arizona when things were in bloom. Since we are staying longer this year, we are especially excited to see the cacti bloom.  All these photos were taken right here in our condo complex.


DSCN5477 DSCN5478

I love hibiscus plants….they remind me of my childhood years growing up in Florida.   Before we moved in I told Jim I wanted a couple of hibiscus plants for the patio.  I didn’t know then that there were two plants already outside.

DSCN5491 DSCN5482

There are an assortment of other tropical-type plants all around the complex.

Here you can see all the cactus “babies”

This honeysuckle plant cascades over the wall and smells so good when you walk by…especially at night.

Don’t know what these purple bush is but it’s pretty

What’s this? I like the red accents on these yellow flowers.

It is so, so nice to drive around town and see everything in bloom….so eye catching.  Makes you smile, just seeing the flowers everywhere.

Remember, you are loved.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Brunch and Time in a Bottle Concert

At the last complex happy hour we heard about a Mexican Sunday buffet in nearby El Mirage, just west of Sun City.  It’s called Rio Mirage and we were very impressed.  The interior is very tastefully decorated in bright colors with fancy booths. 

2015-04-12 11.01.36

The buffet is set up on a couple of long tables with steam trays.  There was a good selection of Mexican food from enchilada to chile relleno to  huevos ranchero and tacos along with refried beans and rice.  It was really good.

2015-04-12 11.00.00

As we were leaving I found out why the tortillas were so good…..there was a lovely lady hand making them…yum

2015-04-12 11.00.25

We attended another outdoor concert at the Sun Bowl last night.  The concert was of 70s music with the popular songs of the time from Jim Croce, Carole King, Gordon Lightfoot, etc.  The female singer said Carole King had been a big influence in her life since she was 10 years old….”which is more than half my lifetime”….the audience uttered a collective sigh….she wasn’t even 20 years old singing 40 year old music….UGH!

The place was full or over full to capacity with another 8,000 people in attendance.  Place was really packed.



It’s fun to watch all the people dancing in front of the stage


As we left we stopped to take a photo of the line of golf carts parking area….yes, a lot of people here use golf carts as a second vehicle taking it to town to shop or going to a rec center.

golf carts


Then we saw this beauty….it’s called a golf car. No place for golf clubs in this one. This golf car was fashioned like a 30’s car….pretty neat.


The concert was nice but the memories the music conjured up were even better.

Remember, you are loved.