Friday, September 27, 2013

South Fork Burn Area

Wednesday we got a wild hair (hare?) and drove up to South Fork to see how Big Meadows and Shaw Lake came through the West Fork Complex fire.

Big Meadows and the campground looks quite good.


yes, that it snow on the mountain….


however, as you go up towards Shaw Lake you are met with a totally different scene


… the photo to enlarge it and see it better

DSCN0448 DSCN0450
DSCN0460 DSCN0456
These trees are all lying down in a circular pattern…force of the burn
DSCN0461 DSCN0462

Then you get up to Shaw Lake and it looks untouched


but as you drive up towards Hunter’s Lake you get the same burn scared landscape.

With all the black “sticks” of trees you still have the beautiful colors of fall….

DSCN0451   DSCN0455

After our drive we stopped by South Fork Campground and visited with our buds, Terri and Rich Deacon.  They are closing down the campground for the season.  It certainly has been a challenging year with fire evacuations and reopening.  But they came through it smiling!


After having lunch with Rich and Terri we spent time sharing how we were going to spend our winter. The Deacons will tour around Arizona for a month staying at time shares.  Then Rich becomes “Propane Man” again doing delivery and installations for the propane company. Terri will enjoy being back into her home.


We ended our day by stopping by Ken’s Auto Service in Del Norte to have four rear tires put on our duly Chevy.  Ken’s wife, Alice, is Jim’s cousin. Another cousin, Phyllis, came by to say “hi”, so we had a mini family reunion.

We had initially went to Big Meadows so Jim could have one last chance trout fishing, but it was way too windy.  But we certainly had a great time seeing the sights and visiting with friends and family.  That’s a good day in anybody’s book!!!

Here’s our closing photo of the beautiful Catholic church in a meadow in South Fork.


Remember, you are loved

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lunch with a friend

I spent a delightful couple of hours having lunch with my friend, Nora, at The Bistro Rialto here in Alamosa.  The Bistro really has the finest Italian fare!!!




Kent, the owner, came out to say hello.  (Kent was one of my students when I was teaching computer classes at the public library, so I always make sure to say hello to him when I come in.)



Kent recommended the daily special of blackened salmon sandwich with a mustard aioli….oh, it was wonderful.


Nora and I had a lot of catching up to do as she just got home from a long road trip to Wisconsin and back….she really liked the Badlands of South Dakota.  We had a grand time talking about traveling and the places we’ve seen and people we’ve met.

In the afternoon I went to Alamosa Public Library to use their Wi-Fi and update our Tom Tom GPS with the latest maps before we head out for the winter.  Those updates use up so much of our Verizon data allowance, I go to a library or coffee shop and use their Wi-Fi instead.  Gives me a chance to read back issues of magazines or do a little knitting while I wait.

Jim made dinner (thank you, Honey) and we watch all the new TV shows that premiered last night….The Voice, NCIS, NCIS-New York, Chicago Fire and Person of Interest.  Looking forward to Michael J. Fox’s new show also.

Remember, you are loved.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Trip to Bead Store

Saturday after going to the Farmer’s Market in Alamosa, Salai picked me up and we drove to Monte Vista and had lunch at my favorite restaurant of all time, Baldo’s Mexican Restaurant.  They have a small but delicious lunch buffet.  So good!

Then we went to Coloring Outside the Lines Bead Store

DSCN0427            DSCN0428

They have a nice selection of beads from which to choose.

DSCN0419     DSCN0418


I have a pattern for a candle “caddy” or cover I want to knit and it incorporates beads. I found some wood beads that will work well.  Of course, I also found some beads for Linda Mossman to make use in making earrings….surprise buster.

Some ladies were learning a new technique in wrapping satin cording to make a necklace. 


DSCN0423  DSCN0421

Salai couldn’t resist to learn another craft and she bought the needed supplies to make her own necklace.


Look at this involved project one of the ladies was working on.  These are itty, bitty luminesce beads arranged in a complex pattern….beautiful-tedious-but beautiful.


Salai and I had good “girl time” together selecting beads, laughing, being silly and enjoying each other’s company.  Great to have friends like that!!!

Remember, you are loved.
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Roasted Chiles

Yesterday Jim and I wandered through the local farmer’s market, which is always fun.  Here are some photos I took earlier in the season.

DSCN0052 DSCN0059
Wonderful fresh local veggies
Not a huge market but a good selection of wares
These are new aprons in retro designs and retro fabrics of back in the 50s. Seems they are making a comeback.

DSCN0411Yesterday the air was scented with Pueblo chiles being roasted….oh, what a wondrous fragrance. Many of us associate the beginning of autumn with your first smell of green chiles roasting!

A large sack of chiles are put in a homemade drum with a row of propane flames underneath.  Many of the drums are set up to automatically turn, but this gentleman was turning the drum by hand. When properly roasted, a door in the drum is opened and the chiles dumped out and put in plastic bags to “sweat” off the skins.  Many people peel off the skins and dice the chiles before freezing them, but I just leave the skins on and freeze them that way.  It’s a simple task to peel off the skin on a few as I need them.

We bought a large bag of roasted chiles and they filled a 13 x 9 pan.  I froze 5 smaller bags to use this winter. 

DSCN0413         DSCN0417

We also bought cinnamon rolls from the Amish DSCN0412table, 50 lbs. of San Luis Valley red potatoes to give to our friends as we travel, local unfiltered honey and these spices. On the left is something we’ve never seen before, dried green chile powder. They said you use it like red chile powder mixing it with flour and oil in a roux then adding broth and water to make a sauce. We’re very anxious to try this.  To the right is Salsa Brava mix where you add a tablespoon to a can of diced tomatoes to make your own salsa.  We’ve had this one before and it is very good.  In front is another new item to us, diced and dehydrated jalapenos.  This will be an easy way to add heat to our cooking.

In the afternoon my friend, Salai and I went to lunch at my most favorite restaurant of all, Baldo’s in Monte Vista and then we visited a bead store in town there…..but that will be another post.

Remember, you are loved.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Teaching Computer Class Again

In my former life as technology manager for the public library, one of my responsibilities was to teach three computer classes each week.  I LOVED IT !!! 

During our book club meeting a couple of weeks ago it came up about teaching some basic computer skills to them.  So yesterday a few of us met at Nina’s house for an mini computer class.


We didn’t cover anything real involved—how to select or highlight text; how to copy/paste; how to get photos from a camera onto a computer; how to put a photo onto your Facebook page; how to make an attachment to an email; how to randomly select photos and organize photos into folders, etc..

So for two hours I got to teach computer stuff again---I was in heaven!  Love doing that.  So much fun to help someone learn a new skill and enjoy the sparkle in their eyes when they grasp the concept and are able to do it themselves….they get such a feeling of accomplishment….it’s wonderful to witness!

The ladies seemed to learn what they wanted and had fun in the meantime.  Thanks, Barb, for the great cookies (addictive), and thank you, Nina, for hosting and baking that delicious banana bread.


When I was teaching computers most of my students were senior citizens whose adult children had tried and failed to teach them computer skills.  Problem being the adult children “showed” them how to do something without the parent actually doing it themselves.  Plus the children rushed through steps saying “all you have to do it is this and then this and there you have it”.  Your eyes could hardly follow their fingers flying across the keyboard and the movement of the mouse cursor. Plus the adult children spoke in a whole different “language” about bits and bytes, moving a mouse, highlighting, downloading, hard drives, etc.  All of that resulted in frustration and they came to me for help.

I didn’t learn how to use a computer until late in life as well so I spoke more “senior-ese” than “computer-ese”.  We were in the same age group and I used our common language to explain things.  We had a successful program.

I use to joke that parents shouldn’t teach children how to drive a car (lack of patience) and adult children shouldn’t teach parents how to use a computer (same lack of patience).  I still feel that way.

Remember, you are loved.
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Kaitlin’s Birthday Party

We’ve known Kaitlin since she was about 12-13 when her dad, Heinz, came to Alamosa as Library Director….my boss. Since we have retired we’ve stayed in touch with Heinz and Angela, his wife.  They want to become fulltime RVers in the future and we’ve been answering their questions through the years.

Kaitlin was homeschooled and came to the library to do part of her homework.  She was a good helper too, when we got busy and needed her help.  She was mature, courteous, industrious and kind….she still possesses all those qualities.

Last night we joined her family to celebrate her 23rd birthday at Chili’s.


Kaitlin got a bit flustered with all the attention when the wait staff came over to sing to her for her birthday.


The topper of the evening though was when we went back to their house and Kaitlin brought out the birthday cake she made herself….yes, she bakes, too.  DSCN0408

This themed cake was a character of a movie she likes (don’t remember what) and she even made the marshmallow fondant!  It was soooo delicious.  She showed us photos of other birthday cakes she had made for family members and they were all very creative and original.

A multi-talented woman, Kaitlin also makes woven jewelry.  You can see her items on Facebook at The Worthy Weaver . These are all handmade and have different pendants hanging from the beaded and woven necklaces.

Not satisfied with a degree in interior design she is now going back to school for graphic design so she can combine all her design talents for her use in a career from designing someone’s logo to designing the corporate offices for them.

Yes, I am rambling on and on about this fine woman, but I am just so proud of how well she has grown in to adulthood….happy we can still be a part of her life.

Remember, you are loved.




Monday, September 16, 2013

Waiting to go…..

Yes, hurry up and wait…Jim sold one of the company trucks and we’re waiting for the title to arrive from our headquarters in Utah so he can transfer title.  However, with all the flooding taking place in the Denver-Boulder area, mail delivery has been spotty.  The title should have been here last Thursday, but we’re hoping it gets here today, Monday.

We’ve been busy with end-of-year paperwork, making lists of shut-down instructions for the area manager and keeping in touch with our area managers who are in the midst of the flooded areas.  We do have to go to Utah October 1st for a one day end-of-season meeting, but then we will get on our way for the winter.

We’ll have a short stay in Alamosa to see friends and family, then make a trip to see our daughters, grands and great-grands.  We will be in Espanola and stay with friends and get a chance to meet up with Jim and NanC Tidball before they go to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.   Happily our Espanola friends will keep Poncho for us while we travel to Utah for our meeting.  Poncho love the Abeyta’s and he follows them around all over their property enjoying not being on a leash like he always is with us.

We’re hoping to get out of here tomorrow, Tuesday.  Wish us luck.

Remember, you are loved.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

We’re Getting Ready to Move

We were all set to move out today or tomorrow and then the Colorado floods came.  Several of the campgrounds we oversee are isolated and cut off from roads.  We’ve been on the phone with them, advising, helping, etc……sooooo, we’ve decided to stay a couple of more days to make sure everyone comes through these floods in good shape before we leave.

There is plenty to do during these last few days, reports I can work on, expense reports to copy and the biggest job – photographing all the reservable sites for Reserve America.

Here is a sample of what Jim and I have been doing the last few days. 

Arapaho-Stillwater #110-2                     Arapaho-Stillwater # (1)

We took two photos of each reservable site, one of the tent pad, table and fire ring part and the other photo of the spur or vehicle parking area.  We measured each tent pad and spur so folks know if their stuff will fit.  It was a big job as there are 129 sites in this one campground with the majority of the reservable.

I’ve renamed each photo with the site number on it for easy identification for our office and I also wrote up a description of each site….close to restroom, lake view, easy access to table, etc. 

I had wanted to do this for all our campgrounds with reservable sites, but time got away from me and we only got this one campground finished. 

Here is another photo of one of my favorite sites.

Arapaho-Stillwater # (8)         Arapaho-Stillwater # (9)

It’s the only site with trees….pine beetle required all the other trees to be cut down.

Here’s a site with a wonderful view.

Stillwater Premium Sites

Remember, you are loved.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Life after……funeral

I haven’t blog for a while….following the death of my friend, Lory. I drove back to Alamosa for the Rosary and funeral, last Sunday and Monday. 

The Sacred Heart Church was full for both services which filled my heart seeing how many lives Lory had touched and how many folks wanted to come and pay their respects. 

Monday night I went to a meeting of the book club I had been a member of before we went on the road.  It was such a joy to see everyone again, share a meal and, yes, we even talked about the scheduled book.

Thank you, Nina, for welcoming into your home during my stay. It was so comforting to sit on your patio and watch the ducks in the pond and see the deer around your home.

I’ve had a lot of difficulty mourning for my dear friend, Lory, but she would want us all to go on and live life to the fullest….I’ll do that, but with a tear in my eye.

Remember, you are loved.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Few Days in Alamosa

I’ll be spending a couple of days in Alamosa to attend Lory’s rosary service Sunday night at 7 p.m. and her funeral service on Monday at 10 a.m.

Jim is staying in Granby because we have a lot to do before we leave Sept 15th.  Plus Poncho is a bit under the weather and needs to be watched.  Took Poncho to the vet Wednesday because he wasn’t himself, but vet said nothing major was happening…a shot here and pills there for five days and all is OK.

So, Folks, I’ll be off the grid for a couple of days but will be back online Wednesday.

Remember, you are loved….tell someone you love them today.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


The world lost a honorable, giving and compassionate woman yesterday, with the passing of my friend, Lory.


Lory taught me everything I know about computers, encouraged me to take a PC repair course which provided me a good lively hood. Throughout the years Lory was always available to me to answer my questions and help me figure out a computer problem I had at work. 

I never heard Lory say an unkind word about anybody, ever.  Lory was the kindest and most non-judgmental person I ever met. She got along with everybody. 

Deeply religious and a strong woman of faith, Lory taught catechism for years and years.  She not only taught vacation Bible school, she even talked this non-Catholic into teaching quilting classes during VBS for several years.

When Lory was first diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago and lost her hair, I began knitting her hats.  With the treatment she was taking she said she’d be bald for a year, so I knitted her a different hat every couple of months, especially sleep caps.  Being the generous person she was, Lory asked if she could pass on her hats to other patients at the cancer center.  So I made more.

I’m going to soooo miss my dear friend.  She taught me to be more patient with others, more forgiving to myself and more generous with everybody. 

Please join me in saying a prayer for Lory’s glorious arrival into heaven and a prayer for Lory’s family who are feeling the loss the most.

Remember, you are all loved!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Prayer Request for Lory


LSB Aug 2010 (2)

I spent three days this week in Alamosa with my friend Lory, who is losing her battle with various cancers.  The day I buried my friend Naomi, Lory called to tell me her doctor told her it was time to stop treatment…time to call hospice…she was given two months.  That was July 20th.  Lory was doing fine until August 22nd when the confusion started….and has gotten progressively worse. 

Lory’s family members all work so I went down for a few days to care to Lory while they worked.  There is something very special about caring for someone you love when they are sick.  It becomes a devotional service, an honored privilege.

Lory knew who I was and we talked a little about how and where we met and about some of the things we did together…..repairing computers and setting up networks.  Most of the time Lory slept.  I cooked a few meals, watched TV, knitted and held Lory’s hand a lot.

I’ve called and talked with Lory’s daughter to see how she is doing….as well as can be expected….the brain tumors are debilitating her….she sleeps.

So, dear readers, please take a few moments and say a prayer for my Lory…that she stays pain free…that she knows she is loved and cared for….and that she passes peacefully.


Know….you are loved!!!