Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lunch with a friend

I spent a delightful couple of hours having lunch with my friend, Nora, at The Bistro Rialto here in Alamosa.  The Bistro really has the finest Italian fare!!!




Kent, the owner, came out to say hello.  (Kent was one of my students when I was teaching computer classes at the public library, so I always make sure to say hello to him when I come in.)



Kent recommended the daily special of blackened salmon sandwich with a mustard aioli….oh, it was wonderful.


Nora and I had a lot of catching up to do as she just got home from a long road trip to Wisconsin and back….she really liked the Badlands of South Dakota.  We had a grand time talking about traveling and the places we’ve seen and people we’ve met.

In the afternoon I went to Alamosa Public Library to use their Wi-Fi and update our Tom Tom GPS with the latest maps before we head out for the winter.  Those updates use up so much of our Verizon data allowance, I go to a library or coffee shop and use their Wi-Fi instead.  Gives me a chance to read back issues of magazines or do a little knitting while I wait.

Jim made dinner (thank you, Honey) and we watch all the new TV shows that premiered last night….The Voice, NCIS, NCIS-New York, Chicago Fire and Person of Interest.  Looking forward to Michael J. Fox’s new show also.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. I love your picture of Mount Blanca and the red barn, may have to paint a miniture of it.


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