Monday, September 23, 2013

Trip to Bead Store

Saturday after going to the Farmer’s Market in Alamosa, Salai picked me up and we drove to Monte Vista and had lunch at my favorite restaurant of all time, Baldo’s Mexican Restaurant.  They have a small but delicious lunch buffet.  So good!

Then we went to Coloring Outside the Lines Bead Store

DSCN0427            DSCN0428

They have a nice selection of beads from which to choose.

DSCN0419     DSCN0418


I have a pattern for a candle “caddy” or cover I want to knit and it incorporates beads. I found some wood beads that will work well.  Of course, I also found some beads for Linda Mossman to make use in making earrings….surprise buster.

Some ladies were learning a new technique in wrapping satin cording to make a necklace. 


DSCN0423  DSCN0421

Salai couldn’t resist to learn another craft and she bought the needed supplies to make her own necklace.


Look at this involved project one of the ladies was working on.  These are itty, bitty luminesce beads arranged in a complex pattern….beautiful-tedious-but beautiful.


Salai and I had good “girl time” together selecting beads, laughing, being silly and enjoying each other’s company.  Great to have friends like that!!!

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Howdy Bobbie,

    We're so glad you & Salai had such a fun day... You needed that after all you've been through the last month..
    Those bead projects do look very beautiful, but also very complicated to do... Just what you need, more projects for when you're sitting on a s l o w gate... Have you heard how Jim Mossman is doing??? You're so sweet to get Linda beads to work with, but how're you going to get them to her or are y'all going back to Betty's, together???

    Hope all is well and your having HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!!!!

  2. Not going to gate guard this winter; just going to travel and enjoy the sights. We will be meeting us with the Mossmans in mid-October for two weeks before THEY go gate guard. Then we'll all meet up together again in January and go to Betty's RV Park in February for a month during Mardi Gras.


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