Saturday, September 14, 2013

We’re Getting Ready to Move

We were all set to move out today or tomorrow and then the Colorado floods came.  Several of the campgrounds we oversee are isolated and cut off from roads.  We’ve been on the phone with them, advising, helping, etc……sooooo, we’ve decided to stay a couple of more days to make sure everyone comes through these floods in good shape before we leave.

There is plenty to do during these last few days, reports I can work on, expense reports to copy and the biggest job – photographing all the reservable sites for Reserve America.

Here is a sample of what Jim and I have been doing the last few days. 

Arapaho-Stillwater #110-2                     Arapaho-Stillwater # (1)

We took two photos of each reservable site, one of the tent pad, table and fire ring part and the other photo of the spur or vehicle parking area.  We measured each tent pad and spur so folks know if their stuff will fit.  It was a big job as there are 129 sites in this one campground with the majority of the reservable.

I’ve renamed each photo with the site number on it for easy identification for our office and I also wrote up a description of each site….close to restroom, lake view, easy access to table, etc. 

I had wanted to do this for all our campgrounds with reservable sites, but time got away from me and we only got this one campground finished. 

Here is another photo of one of my favorite sites.

Arapaho-Stillwater # (8)         Arapaho-Stillwater # (9)

It’s the only site with trees….pine beetle required all the other trees to be cut down.

Here’s a site with a wonderful view.

Stillwater Premium Sites

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  1. Wow, that is a big job to put all that together. Beautiful view from that one site. Hope your people are safe from the flood waters. Just saw it on the news last night...wasn't aware what was going on. Stay safe...hugs to you both!

  2. What a huge undertaking. But how very nice for people to be able to see and know what they are getting. Good for you.

  3. Your photos are so helpful to all of us fellow campers! Nothing worse than regretting reserving a campsite because a vehicle or trailer can't actually fit.

    These Colorado floods have been crazy. Our Loveland dealership was evacuated for a few days last week.

    Safe Travels!


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