Friday, August 24, 2012

Camphosts' Prime Rib Dinner

Last Sunday we had all our camphosts over for our final gathering with a prime rib dinner with Jim barbecuing it on the charcoal grill.  It was nice that everybody was able to come including Wally (and his wife, Sylvia) who cleans Comstock and Rock Creek Campground for us located outside of Monte Vista.

That's a eight pound roast there.

Jim cooked it to perfection....medium rare.  I did have a little bite and it was very tender and flavorful.

Wayne over on the left took the place of the Keelings in Tucker Ponds, as they had to leave when Paul couldn't get rid of an annoying cough. Come to find out he has whooping cough and is finally getting some relief after a long diagnosis period.


Afterwards we all spent time relaxing and chatting about our summer season.  We won't be meeting again before the end of the season, so we all talked about our winter plans.  Happily they will all be coming back next summer.

We've had a really good summer. We are sad that Jerry and Rita had to leave early so Rita could get her shoulder worked on...we miss them so!  And then the Keelings had to leave, but good ole Fred took up the slack and ran three campgrounds himself...bless his heart!

Next summer we will be back to Big Meadows....anyone want to spend next summer living next to Jim and I and be camphosts in Big Meadows?  It will be all new having been closed for a three year reconstruction.  We're excited to see all the new campsites.

We have one more big holiday weekend ahead of us and then a few days to close everything down and we are out of here.  Weather is getting colder at night; already have had eight inches of snow on Wolf Creek last week.  Trees and bushes are beginning to turn yellow, so it is time to think about moving out.

After Labor Day Week we'll move to Alamosa for about a month so Jim can attend his high school reunion the end of September. In the meantime we'll visit our kids in Santa Fe and mid-October we'll take off for Oklahoma/Texas area.

That's it for today.  Remember, you are loved.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Meadows Hailstorm

 Friday we drove campers Lesa and Terry up to Big Meadows to see the reconstruction progress, and to determine which site they want to reserve next summer.  It had started to sprinkle when we left Park Creek Campground, and progressively rained harder....and harder...and harder!!! Then it turned into hail stones!  It made such a racked on the cloth cover that they couldn't hear me in the back seat.

In a very short time the road was covered in white; soon after that the whole mountain side was white.  The first photo Terry took with his cell phone out the back window....can you believe it????  That's hail stones covering the ground.
This next photo Terry took from the back seat looking out the windshield. Everything was white!

We drove out of there in short order.  Then half way down the road to Hwy 160 the hail stopped and all we had was a little sprinkle of rain again.  Strange, Folks, just plain strange!!!

We only had about five campers Friday night so I invited everyone over for a campfire at our place.  I made up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to pass around....big success.
I did take a few night scene photos but they didn't come out very well....need a tripod.  But the photo of Terry and Lesa came out nice, so here they are.

See you next summer Terry and Lesa, back in your old slot at Big Meadows.

Remember, you are loved.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Camping Friends Return

We had a surprise Friday when The Wolf Family came back for a short visit again this summer. 


Their son, Nathaniel, wanted Jim to barbecue ribs again for him….no problem, Jim will happily barbecue anytime for anybody as he really enjoys it. We had them over for barbecue ribs earlier in the summer and Nathaniel ate them as only a 15 year old can….about half a rack! LOL.  So Sunday Landi bought a huge package of ribs and Jim did himself proud barbecuing it.  Add some cole slaw, tomato cucumber salad and fresh peach crisp and a grand meal was had by all.

CIMG0537       CIMG0538

Remember, you are loved.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Visit with Friends

Usually when we came up to South Fork for the summer spend a day or two with Rich and Terri at South Fork Campground which they manage. 


One year while there we met Shane and Audra.  So Saturday Rich text that Shane and Audra were camping with them, so we decided to go over for happy hour.


I made up some shrimp dip and a jar of Manhattans and off we went.  Audra had brought up a friend and her family, along with a mess of snacks, so a party was in the making. Mom, Michelle, and Dad, Gary, along with their daughter.CIMG0532

We laughed told stories and had a wonderful time together. Shane and Audra will be going to Betty’s RV Park with us and the Tidball’s next March, so another party is in the making. 

Gary is “into” tattoos and proudly showed his back.  Isn’t it beautiful??? Must have taken some long sessions.


By 8:30 I was done, so we called it a night.  We so enjoy meeting folks again on the road.

Remember, you are loved.
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cleaning Out

I guess I have been in a “nesting” mood this week because I’ve been going through things and decluttering and throwing things away.

First it was my recipe box and recipe 3-ring binder, then it was my cutlery drawer and next my towels and pot holder drawer.

I changed my wardrobe colors from navy blue, red and white to red, black, yellow and white….always disliked navy blue but it did match the jeans, etc.  So I took out all the navy blue shirts and sweaters I had to make room for the new black & white tee shirts and new yellow shirts I’ve bought.  Much happier colors….yellow always makes me smile….so cheery!

I even went through our file drawer and threw out a good half of the paperwork I had in there.  Don’t need to hang on to old documentations and Colorado vehicle registrations/insurance stuff since we are domiciled in South Dakota now.  That even made the drawer close without being askew from overweight.

Next I think I’ll go through the two kitchen cabinets and see what I can get rid of.  I know I’ll be donating my yogurt maker because I’m not “doing dairy” any more and I’m not fond of vegan yogurt.

We’ve been “eating out the cupboards” to finish up all the canned goods before we hit the road again in October.  We’ve put a good dent in the meat in the freezer, although it is taking longer than usual because I’m not eating meat anymore….well, not much anyway.  I’m having a hard time resisting Jim’s barbecuing, but I don’t eat much, just a small portion.  Jim has two steaks and a pound of hamburger to go.  The rest is shrimp and salmon which I will eat….I’m including fish in my diet.

See, I want to prove to Jim that I DO know there are grocery stores in every town and I don’t have to “stock up” all the time.  I want to arrive back in Alamosa early September with an empty pantry and freezer…..maybe an incentive to go out to eat!!!

Once I tackle the stuff under the bed I’ll be finished with the whole rig since I already cleared out under the entertainment center.

I’m doing all this cleaning and clearing out as Jim and I consider the end of summer as the end of our rving “year”.  September starts our rv year as it is the time we “get back on the road” after camphosting each summer.

I’m really beginning to like the “minimalist” concept. I want a clear counter, desk and table. No do-dads and dust huggers around.  Actually how much stuff do we really need to lug around anyway.  Going from a stick-n-brick house to a fifth-wheel really show us we didn’t need nearly as much stuff as we thought we needed to live very comfortably.  And now, I think we still have too much stuff, especially in our basement.  But that’s Jim domain and it will be up to him what goes from there.

I feel lighter already….I love getting rid of stuff….paring down, all except for my fondness for kitchen gadgets…my kitchen accessories is/are (?) larger than most, but I use it all…couldn’t live without my reamer!

Have you done your yearly decluttering yet this season?  What’s the hardest things to get rid of???

Remember, you are loved.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ramirez’s and Abeyta’s Visits

We met both the Ramirez Family and the Abeyta Family our first year of camphosting at Big Meadows back in 2007 and they have both become personal friends of ours.  We have visited them at their homes during the years and always enjoy seeing them in our campgrounds each summer.

Charlie and Dawna brought their youngest son, his wife and two children this time around and what a good time they all had!

Teddy and Birdie finally were able to come with their son this time, whom we haven’t see since April when Jim and I went to his house for dinner.

So for two days both families were here at the same time and they know each other, so Jim and I had them all over for dinner at our place.

Jim cooked barbecue chicken and boy did it look good.  Yes, we made a lot….too much, actually.


Everyone got real hungry sitting around waiting to eat.


But soon it was done and the spread was laid out.


And look at those happy faces……


The Abeyta’s brought their dog, Cinch, with them.  The chipmunks really pestered this Jack Russell.  He kept trying to climb up the trees after them.


And I fell in love with Tim’s new puppy, Chaps. Isn’t he adorable?? Who knew a Chihuahua-Pug mix could be so cute!


Soon the 14 day limit came and the Ramirez’s had to leave


Then the weekend ended and The Abeyta’s had leave and go back to work


Happily we will all see each other again during visits this next year.  We’ll all be reunited next year at Big Meadows Campground, which will have it’s reconstruction completed and we will be able to reopen it next May.

We so love having friends camp with us during the summer!!!!!!

Remember, you are loved
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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Yes, I had to have another colonoscopy as it’s been five years since my last one.  I decided to do the “prep” at a hotel cause I didn’t want to go through that in the RV with campers knocking on the door.

So I checked into the Ramada Inn in Alamosa on Tuesday as it was the cheapest motel/hotel in town….surprised me!  I was loaded up with liquids….ginger ale, water, Gatorade, broth from wonton soup. I really had an easy time of it, which surprised me also. Took that first bottle of magnesium citrate at one and only spent 3-5 minutes in the restroom and then nothing for six hours. Another bottle of stuff at seven and that only produced water cleaning me out.

I credit my my new fruit and vegetable diet for the ease of the prep time. So much easier than the last time. I enjoyed watching the Olympics till midnight so I could have the last bit of liquids before midnight since I couldn’t have any more liquids till after the procedure on Wednesday morning.

The procedure went very well and I don’t remember any of it as they put you completely out now, not just giving you the “good memories” drug.  I was out of outpatient surgery by 10:00.  Results, no polyps…clear track.  I’m a happy girl.

Jim took me to the Campus Inn for breakfast and it sure was good to eat something after basically fasting since dinner on Monday some 40 hours.

Have you had your colonoscopy lately?  It’s important that you do.

Remember, you are loved.
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