Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cleaning Out

I guess I have been in a “nesting” mood this week because I’ve been going through things and decluttering and throwing things away.

First it was my recipe box and recipe 3-ring binder, then it was my cutlery drawer and next my towels and pot holder drawer.

I changed my wardrobe colors from navy blue, red and white to red, black, yellow and white….always disliked navy blue but it did match the jeans, etc.  So I took out all the navy blue shirts and sweaters I had to make room for the new black & white tee shirts and new yellow shirts I’ve bought.  Much happier colors….yellow always makes me smile….so cheery!

I even went through our file drawer and threw out a good half of the paperwork I had in there.  Don’t need to hang on to old documentations and Colorado vehicle registrations/insurance stuff since we are domiciled in South Dakota now.  That even made the drawer close without being askew from overweight.

Next I think I’ll go through the two kitchen cabinets and see what I can get rid of.  I know I’ll be donating my yogurt maker because I’m not “doing dairy” any more and I’m not fond of vegan yogurt.

We’ve been “eating out the cupboards” to finish up all the canned goods before we hit the road again in October.  We’ve put a good dent in the meat in the freezer, although it is taking longer than usual because I’m not eating meat anymore….well, not much anyway.  I’m having a hard time resisting Jim’s barbecuing, but I don’t eat much, just a small portion.  Jim has two steaks and a pound of hamburger to go.  The rest is shrimp and salmon which I will eat….I’m including fish in my diet.

See, I want to prove to Jim that I DO know there are grocery stores in every town and I don’t have to “stock up” all the time.  I want to arrive back in Alamosa early September with an empty pantry and freezer…..maybe an incentive to go out to eat!!!

Once I tackle the stuff under the bed I’ll be finished with the whole rig since I already cleared out under the entertainment center.

I’m doing all this cleaning and clearing out as Jim and I consider the end of summer as the end of our rving “year”.  September starts our rv year as it is the time we “get back on the road” after camphosting each summer.

I’m really beginning to like the “minimalist” concept. I want a clear counter, desk and table. No do-dads and dust huggers around.  Actually how much stuff do we really need to lug around anyway.  Going from a stick-n-brick house to a fifth-wheel really show us we didn’t need nearly as much stuff as we thought we needed to live very comfortably.  And now, I think we still have too much stuff, especially in our basement.  But that’s Jim domain and it will be up to him what goes from there.

I feel lighter already….I love getting rid of stuff….paring down, all except for my fondness for kitchen gadgets…my kitchen accessories is/are (?) larger than most, but I use it all…couldn’t live without my reamer!

Have you done your yearly decluttering yet this season?  What’s the hardest things to get rid of???

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  1. Shoes.... I carry around WAY more pairs of shoes than anyone would ever need. Our rig is only 27' so I have to be creative to store my steel-toed boots, my knee high waders, various sandals, hiking boots, cowboy boots, and... oh yes, the sexy little slings I take on a cruise. I really admire you for being able to get rid of stuff and not look back! I, too, love kitchen gadgets, but that pineapple corer got left somewhere.... the jalopeno grill I still carry around.... go figure....

  2. Yes, I did quite a bit of de-cluttering this summer, a little at a time, and it felt liberating and good to get rid of the dust collectors and closet stuffers. I gave them to charity which I know will find a good home, especially many of the good clothes I am ashamed to say are still in original packaging, never used.

    So, it does feel good to let go of things and I am hoping to let go of some furniture soon.

    The hardest thing to let go of, for me, is books. They are such treasures and they bring so much pleasure and joy to me, I have a hard time getting rid of valued books.

  3. We think of ourselves as minimalists, too. Every year we try to go through everything in the RV and get rid of anything we haven't used in the past year. Obviously, we don't need it. Every time we have weighed the RV, we have been below the limit. We want to keep that up.

  4. We added some rocks to our fifth wheel but rocks aren't clutter.

  5. Send me the three ring binder and I will scan it for you, ahd your recipe cards too. Got to be some good eats in there.


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