Thursday, August 2, 2012


Yes, I had to have another colonoscopy as it’s been five years since my last one.  I decided to do the “prep” at a hotel cause I didn’t want to go through that in the RV with campers knocking on the door.

So I checked into the Ramada Inn in Alamosa on Tuesday as it was the cheapest motel/hotel in town….surprised me!  I was loaded up with liquids….ginger ale, water, Gatorade, broth from wonton soup. I really had an easy time of it, which surprised me also. Took that first bottle of magnesium citrate at one and only spent 3-5 minutes in the restroom and then nothing for six hours. Another bottle of stuff at seven and that only produced water cleaning me out.

I credit my my new fruit and vegetable diet for the ease of the prep time. So much easier than the last time. I enjoyed watching the Olympics till midnight so I could have the last bit of liquids before midnight since I couldn’t have any more liquids till after the procedure on Wednesday morning.

The procedure went very well and I don’t remember any of it as they put you completely out now, not just giving you the “good memories” drug.  I was out of outpatient surgery by 10:00.  Results, no polyps…clear track.  I’m a happy girl.

Jim took me to the Campus Inn for breakfast and it sure was good to eat something after basically fasting since dinner on Monday some 40 hours.

Have you had your colonoscopy lately?  It’s important that you do.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Glad all is well, looking forward to y'all coming back.
    Sue J.

  2. I wish everyone would listen to your message about colonoscopy. It is a real life saver. I've had it done twice and even though is is not a comfortable process, it is a lot better than having colon cancer. And it is so easy to detect and cure with this exam.

    I know your mind is resting a lot better now that you had a good report. Good for you and I hope others will be motivated to "git 'er done!"

  3. Glad you got good news. I'm on a 5 yr schedule too and I'm not looking forward to the next one.

  4. Had one not to long ago and boy that was fun..

  5. Glad you got great results ! The last time I had mine I had the conscious sedation and thought that was really cool. You're talking along to the doc and never even know you have had the procedure done. The prep is the worst part. Good for another 8 years though... Your veggie diet, I'm sure, helped with the prep. Good job !

  6. Glad to hear you got that out of the way. I am on a ten year schedule so not having to have it anytime soon. However the next time I do get it I will have them put me out completly as the one I had was quite painful and I did not do well with it. Horrible cramps for 10 hours. Glad yours was a breeze.

  7. I had one in April... Everything was fine bit the nurse anethesologist was visiting with me and telling me about the procedure etc.... She said we will give you a drug called. Polypropinal ... ( I think that is how it is spelled). Anyway. In my mind I am thinking.... Isn't that what killed Michael jackson?????


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