Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Camping Friends Return

We had a surprise Friday when The Wolf Family came back for a short visit again this summer. 


Their son, Nathaniel, wanted Jim to barbecue ribs again for him….no problem, Jim will happily barbecue anytime for anybody as he really enjoys it. We had them over for barbecue ribs earlier in the summer and Nathaniel ate them as only a 15 year old can….about half a rack! LOL.  So Sunday Landi bought a huge package of ribs and Jim did himself proud barbecuing it.  Add some cole slaw, tomato cucumber salad and fresh peach crisp and a grand meal was had by all.

CIMG0537       CIMG0538

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  1. A 15 year old boy only ate half a rack of ribs? Was he not feeling well?


  2. Gosh that looks good!

    Karen and Steve
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