Monday, January 31, 2011

Nose piercing

A lot of you know I had my right nostril pierced on my 60th birthday….some 8 years ago. It was done with a ear piercing like “gun” and didn’t hurt at all.

Last summer I lost my last nose ring and since we were in the mountains 65 miles from a Walmart, I just let it go. The hole closed up.

Through the following years I wished I had had my left nostril pierced as I thought it prettier. Last winter in Arizona Linda Mossman came with me get my left nostril pierced. This time they did it “free hand” with a needle.  Oh, my, I screamed like a banshee!  They used a straight post that kept pushing out with the swelling.  After about two weeks of fussing with a slight infection I just took out the post and left it out.  The hole closed up.

Linda knew I still wanted a nose piercing and we kept looking for a good place to do it. Last Thursday after doing laundry, eating lunch at Subway and getting my haircut at Fantastic Sam's, it was time. I had asked my hairstylist if there was a good place to get a piercing and she recommended Dixie Devil, just down the street.  So with the support of Linda Mossman and Terri Deacon I decided to do it.  Here are the photos Linda took.

NoseRing (2)
Low on the sign “dismemberment our specialty”
NoseRing (3)
Marking the spot to be pierced
NoseRing (5)
The piercing table
NoseRing (4)
Doing the deed
NoseRing (7)
A little Kleenex to stop the slight bleeding
NoseRing (1)
“You did real good” pat on the back.

I laughed when I saw the OB/GYN looking table.  Ken said he had stirrups too. “Yes, I pierce from the rooter to the tooter”…pretty funny.

When I mentioned my nose piercing on Facebook I got two funny comments.  First was from our daughter, Beth, who said “You need that like you need another hole in your head.....wait a minute...”.  Then a friend told me “You are gonna start spraying when you sneeze!”  Aren’t those funny?

I have a simple corkscrew, silver ball style nose ring that has to stay in for 6-8 weeks before changing. It looks good now; no swelling, no pain, and I am really happy with it.

Remember, you are loved.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Things I Like

I’ve already told you I’m crazy about my Kindle, so no photo of that is needed.  In addition, I subscribed FREE to Amazon Daily on my Kindle which gives me the daily deals at and some trendy and catchy articles on fashion, good recipes and interesting blog excerpts.

kindle lending

Kindle Lending Club had its beginning only two weeks ago after  the recent announcement that you could lend some Kindle books to others.  The Club puts together folks wanting a book with those who own the book and “matches” are made.  Sure saves money on buying new books.

mega shower cleaner

 Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Cleaner is wonderful and really works!!!!  You know how hard it is to get our RV shower stalls clean of water spots and soap scum.  This stuff does it quickly and easily.  You spray it on, let it sit a minute and use a wet rag to wipe it down and that’s it!!!




   I love my foldable dish drainer that 1 got from Camping World for about $ 19.  It holds all the dishes from a normal meal and it’s about 12 inches long.  Folded down it is flat and I store it in the oven.



Another thing I’m really fond of is my Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids storage containers.  I got the 24 piece set at Walmart for $10.  The lids all snap into each other and the containers stack inside each other and store in the cabinet very compactly. It’s stain resistant also. Pasta sauce clean up easily without any staining at all.

cutting boards

This set of 5 flexible cutting boards are a real favorite of mine. I did buy my set from for about $15 several years ago. I like the idea of a different color for fish, poultry, beef, vegetables and miscellaneous. Solves the problem of cross contamination. And you can fold them up to transfer food to the pan.




This is my “go-to” knife of choice.  I use it for everything from chopping veggies, cutting up beef for stewing to splitting up a chicken. Mine is about 10 inches long that I bought at Walmart for $13.





I enjoy making my own yogurt in my Salton one quart yogurt maker. I bought mine from years ago for $18, but don’t see it there anymore at any price. I eat yogurt with a little honey for breakfast most mornings.  Great for the digestion. I can make a quart for less than $1.


Just noticed most of my favorite things are centered around the kitchen…hummmm…maybe that’s why I don’t lose weight…I’m food crazy.  My friend, Nora Holmes, once told me I enjoyed food more than any person she knew; mostly because when we shared our Girls’ Weekend away I asked her where we were going to eat lunch while we were eating breakfast; and, yes, I asked about dinner choices while eating lunch!  What can I say?  I like to eat great food!  I’m so lucky hubby cooks very well.

Well, those are some of my favorites things.  What are some of yours?

Remember, you are loved.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The “Princess”

I lovingly call Linda Mossman “The Princess”.  She is a “girlie” girl and loves her rings, ankle bracelets, nose rings, necklaces and earrings.  She loves to go shopping, get manicures and sleeps in late…and her husband, Jim, does all the cooking. I kid her a lot about being such a princess and she takes it in stride and is so good nature about it.  And I dearly love her for all of her labor intensive traits.  I’m so lucky she is a good sport and easily laughs at herself.  So the other day when we were in Dollar Tree I found a toy tiara and couldn’t resist buying it for her.

I waited until our daily happy hour and brought it out, and on bended knee, presented it to her.  Terri got right into the action and also bowed down.  We all laughed so hard…and then needed help to get up off our knees LOL.  Doesn’t she do the regal look well?

Princess (6) Princess (3)
Princess (4) Princess (5)

We “celebrated” the occasion by finishing off the Apple Pie moonshine and called it a night.

Princess (7) Princess (1)

Thanks, Linda, for being such a good sport…I love you Girlfriend l!!!

Birds, Cars, Food

This is a “miscellaneous” blog post…a little of this and a little of that.  Caught this photo of a bird on a branch in the back of the rig.  The close-up shows how pretty it was.

CIMG5766           CIMG5766

Monday we decided to take a short drive to D’Iberville to eat at Five Guys Burgers. Rich and Terri had never eaten at one so it was a treat for them. Five Guys is one of our favorite burger joints along with In-N-Out Burgers, so we try to eat at them whenever we see them.

CIMG5770 CIMG5769
CIMG5771 CIMG5772

Jim and I both ordered fries, so those of you who have been to a Five Guys before know the huge amount of fries we got.  That picture up there with the hamburger is only half of one order!  We  made hash browns for breakfast the next day with the leftovers.



Look at the new Cadillac CTS-V Coupe we saw outside. Pretty sweet!!!



When we got home Jim and I taught the Mossman’s and Deacon’s how to play Hand and Foot with Skip-Bo cards.  (We find using Skip-Bo cards is so much easier and more fun than using regular full decks of cards.)  Thank you, Molly Pinner, for the phone call answering my Hand and Foot questions. We actually stayed up till 11:30 p.m. playing cards, which is waaay late for me.  (Hopefully this breaks my “ habit” of getting up at 4:30 a.m.) Everyone liked the game and the Hand and Foot addiction begins!


Yesterday we all went grocery shopping –yes, together- and decided that Jim needed to barbeque a pork loin. So he marinated a four pound roast in a bit of soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil and garlic and here is the result.  Again we played Hand and Foot and we had crazy fun with rip-roaring laughter.  Oh, what a grand time we had together….oh, and the Gals won!!!!!

Remember, you are loved.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Day and NFL Games


New photo of our pups.  That’s Poncho on the left and Chorizo on the right; or as Molly Pinner calls them, Beanie and Weenie respectively.  Yes, they are litter brothers.

While the guys watched the two NFL football games at the Mossman’s Sunday, the gals got a couple of Red Box movies to watch at the Chapman’s. 

We watched Salt and Inception.  Both were very good but for different reasons.  Salt was suspenseful and intriguing and kept our interest.  Inception just took too much effort and concentrate to remember which level of dreams they were in at any given time. We kept saying, “did you understand that?” Both movies left you hanging at the end and both are begging for sequels.  We can’t wait till Tuesday when Red and Secretariat are released…we’ll be having another movie day.

We made chili to eat at half-time and share with each other.  We tried McCormick’s Tex-Mex Chili mix and it came out very good and was very easy.  I’d recommend it.

We have been trying to find things to do in the area, but it has been hard because so many things were destroyed with Katrina.  We’d read up on something online and want to go somewhere and then read at the end that it doesn’t exist anymore or is closed for restoration.  We’ve been filling out time with communal meals, campfires, watching movies and playing cards.

So if any of you know of some places we can visit in the Ocean Springs-Biloxi-Gulfport area please leave me a comment.

Remember, you are loved.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Movie Night

Many nights the six of us cook our own meal, but we gather in one rig to eat together.  Last night was one of those planned nights.  We decided to make pizzas… so the next natural step was to have a movie night…so how about new jammies and make it a pajama, pizza, movie night?



Linda, Terri and I went to the local Walmart and found identical PJs so this is the posed, pretty photo.




But then Rich made one of his priceless comments and you have this reaction.



We watched Social Network and Robin Hood with mixed opinions. The Facebook movie was OK, but better suited for the younger generation IMHO.  On the other hand, Russell Crowe did a good job on the background story of how Robin Hood came to be. Enjoyed that one.  As we gals lounged on the inflated bed, the guys sat on the chairs and couch also enjoying the movies.







After the movie it was time to deflate the bed and that caused another round of rip roaring laughter getting the air out of the bed.

CIMG5761 CIMG5762
CIMG5764 CIMG5765

I actually stayed up till 10:30 p.m. last night and didn’t get up this morning until 7:30 a.m. instead of my normal 4-5 a.m. That’s a step in the right direction to straightening out my sleep pattern.

Can’t wait to see what fun today will bring!!!!!!

Remember, you are loved.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blow Fly Inn-Gulfport, MS

BlowFlyInn (3)

Yesterday we all drove to Gulfport to eat at one of the three Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives restaurants in Mississippi.  Click here to see the You Tube broadcast of Guy’s visit.  Being big fans of the TV show we were excited to try it out. 


BlowFlyInn (1)              BlowFlyInn (2) 

The original Blow Fly Inn was destroyed during Katrina.  It took a couple of years to rebuild this one.  You walk up stairs or a ramp to get to the inside dining room.  There is also outside patio on the first floor or on the deck upstairs. 

BlowFlyInn (8)

The menu features a fair amount of seafood with their specialty being crab cakes.  They also feature all matter of Po’Boys and there was a sign announcing they had been awarded USA Today’s Best Hamburger in Mississippi.  Five of us opted for the crab cakes with Jim M. choosing the Beef Po’ Boy, which was monstrous! 

BlowFlyInn (6)            BlowFlyInn (5)

Our choices came with a nice side salad and ended with a generous portion of banana pudding with the customary plastic Blow Fly on top.  BlowFlyInn (7)

We were not disappointed in our choices, as you can see from our happy faces.  As Linda was eating she was already talking about coming back next week…she really liked the crab cakes.

BlowFlyInn (4)

We paused after lunch to take in the terrific view from the outside deck and look at the huge tree next door.

BlowFlyInn (9)             BlowFlyInn (10)

We completed our day with a fire to celebrate being able to sit outside as the weather was finally warm enough.

DavisBayou-MS (3)

It has been so wonderful traveling and being all together.  The six of us get along so well…sharing and cooperating on everything.  We laugh so much every time we get together…that Rich can sure come up with some clever comments that we all roar in laughter!!! At last night’s camp fire we were sure someone would be coming over to pipe us down…but no one did…some walked by eyeing us wearily though LOL! 

Remember, you are loved also!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seven things you didn’t know about me.

I took this idea from Donna of 2 taking a fifth blog, but it’s good fodder for my blog readers.

1.  I was raised on the southeast coast of Florida.
2.  I lived in Bermuda for ten years working as a civilian for the Air Force and Navy.
3.  I climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan-lived there 3 years.
4.  I’ve been married five times…to Jim 30 years…I like him best!!!
5.  I like liver, gizzards, buttermilk, rocky mountain oysters, horseradish, menudo, raw oysters and other “disgusting things” as others call them.  My favorite meal is homemade tacos.
6.  I was technology manager for a public library when I retired.
7.  My private obsession are purses and totes.

OK, now it is your turn.  Use “comments” telling me some things I don’t know about you.

Remember, you are loved.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shepard State Park-MS

The Shepard State Park is located between Pascagoula and Biloxi, Mississippi.  With only 28 sites it is small, but quiet, in a heavily wooded area. The first photos were taken from inside of our rig of our view.

CIMG5667 CIMG5668
CIMG5687 CIMG5686
CIMG5669 CIMG5717

There does seem to be a lot of workers who stay here and work in town.  A few rigs come in during the weekend, but there’s a lot of “stayers”. Even the map of the campground offers “monthly rates”.  Most are in RVs of some kind, but across from us is this tent; looks like it has been here a while.


Jim engaged the gentleman in a conversation and found out he is a roofer working in the area.  Jim said it must be hard staying in a tent with the low temperatures we have been experiencing (it’s been in the high 20s, low 30s all week at night).  The guy said, “No, I’m pretty comfortable.  I have a good heater, a microwave, stereo and satellite TV.  All the comforts of home.”

We’re enjoying our stay here even though the three couples are scattered throughout the campground.  We rotate every night having happy hour together and sometime dinner.  It is great to travel with good friends who all get along together!!!

Remember, you are loved.