Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quartzsite-Mile Marker 99

We moved over to Mile Marker 99 last Wednesday (Jan. 28th) joining Chuck and Jan Moore and company.  Dean and Judy have “accumulated” a stash of fire wood that Judy really wanted used up, so we are having nightly fires to accommodate them.


As many of you who follow Chuck and Jan’s blog, you know Chuck is “into” making sour dough bread and the other night he surprised us with giving us some.  It was so wonderful!!! We made toast the next morning and it was absolutely the best I’ve ever had.  Now I’m trying to talk Jim into expanding his culinary skills to include sour dough items.

Sorry the flash distorted the bread

Our little group is expanding daily now including Ed and JanDSCN5125

It has rained, but the girls were able to get out of our rigs for while yesterday and visit (and nearly bought out) the Gem Shop in town.  I never knew this place existed.  This place is a huge wholesale style bead and rock store. Items are very, very inexpensive and has a huge variety.

Even though I’m not a beader, I found a set of six Buddhas in various poses, some small jewelry gift bags, and a few metal pieces one of the girls is going to make into earrings for me.


We had another fire last night and our group expanded to include Loren, Bill and Gisela and Betty and Duane.  It’s going to be a heck of a good Super Bowl party tomorrow!!!!

Remember, you are loved.
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quartzsite IV

There have been some beautiful sunrises and sunsets at Boomerville. Here is one of my fav sunrises


The sunsets start out pretty, progress to beautiful and end up spectacular.

DSCN5090 DSCN5091
DSCN5093 DSCN5094

The Moores did a “knock about” knocking on doors and visiting for a few minutes before proceeding to the next rig…kind of a good idea I think I’ll “borrow” and do ourselves.  Here is Chuck and Jan who were introducing Mark and Patsy to other folks.

DSCN5104 DSCN5105

Wednesday was the last day of Boomerville.  We have met several of our friends while in Boomerville, but hadn’t connected with Kenny and Angela as they were working the Big Tent during this time.  So we made arrangements to have breakfast with them yesterday at Sweet Darlene’s in town. 


The food was pretty good with inexpensive prices.

Kenny’s breakfast with biscuits and gravy, with eggs and bacon for $5.95
And here’s my Western Breakfast with hash browns and toast for $4.95



The other day when we went to get milk this was one of the vehicles in the parking lot….a pirate themed truck




And here’s Poncho sneaking out of the covers to see if I was leaving him alone again or not…



Wednesday we joined the Moores and Shealys over at mile marker 99 off Hwy 95 for a more informal gathering to watch the Super Bowl….at an outside TV of someone’s motorhome….should be fun. 

Last night we had happy hour….of course…at our new site with Jim, Pat, Linda, Chuck, Judy, Jan and Dean


We will stay here till Monday and then move on over to North Ranch Escapee RV Club’s park between Congress and Wickenburg and wait till the condo closes.

Remember, you are loved.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quartzsite III

Saturday night when we returned from a presentation of funny signs at “Pace Theater” (sit outside a rig and project a slide show on the side of their rig), look what we found at home…..this is Poncho’s way of telling us “you’ve left me alone for too long”.


Sunday morning we finally made a connection with Carolyn and Roy and had a great two hour visit.  It’s been since the spring of 2011 since we saw them and it sure was good to catch up on our individual lives.  We first met them when we all worked at in Coffeyville, Kansas.  They also gate guard in the Whitsett, Texas, area as we have, so we have a lot in common and much to talk about.  Carolyn HATES to have her photo taken, so I felt honored that she allowed me this shot.


Afterwards we went for a visit to the Big Tent since it was the last day.  Sure was a different view from opening day…measured difference in attendance today.

Entrance wide open
Inside Big Tent easy walk
Side vendors pretty empty

One place that always has a line, including this time, the ice cream stand.


While walking around inside, look at the gathering we found….Molly and Bob Pinner at the Escapees RV Club booth talking with our buddy, Marty. We are all Class of 2007, “graduating” from life of work to retirement in 2007.


When we got home Jim barbecued some mighty tasty chicken thighs…thank you, Jim.


We had a full day with lots of activities…the way we like it.

Remember, you are loved.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quartzsite II

This will recap the last few days here at Q.  We did go to the Big Tent one day, just to see if it was any different than years past… wasn’t.


We counted three booths inside the tent that was dedicated to RV items, the rest being clothing, jewelry, cleaning supplies galore, pillows and sheets, and even someone selling hot tubs….right, just was an RVer needs.  We didn’t buy a thing. There are a couple of things I do want like new step covers and some new bungee cords to wrap around our kitchen cabinet knobs, but we’ll wait till Escapade and see if vendors there have them.

DSCN5034 DSCN5035 DSCN5033

We did stop by and saw Gary, Staff Manager for American Land & Leisure, the concessionaire we worked for camphost national forest campground for many years. Good company to work for.

DSCN5031 DSCN5032

We’ve had lots of activities here at Boomerville… on any of the photos to enlarge them.

There’s the daily happy hour by the fire pit
This is one day’s activities set up
DSCN5025Bob mixing up the pancake batter with an electric drill DSCN5024
Blueberry, pecan and cinnamon swirl pancake several times during the week
I even got to meet Curtis Coleman, founder of RVillage
A ranger came out and explain some of the rules and stop some of the rumors about BLM.

Jay and Vicki came over one day to visit with Dan and Merlene, and soon John and Sharon showed up as well.

Jay “holding court” educating us all on fine crafted beers…he knows his stuff, that is for sure.
John and Sharon are staying with the “Classless Class” out north of town, with Dan photo bombing

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Dan and Merlene as they travel towards Betty’s RV Park…we will miss them….great couple!


Another day it was time to venture out to South La Posada to visit friends. 



First we stopped and visited with John and Jean, whom we met working for amazon in Kentucky. So nice seeing them again.


As we were driving over to see the Class 2007 we came across this configuration out in the middle of the desert. Guess if you don’t have an RV to tow….you tow your boat to live in….different.


We came across this motely crew in the same spot as at 2012’s five year reunion.  Had an enjoyable time visiting and we also met two other couples, friends of Steve and Sandy’s, who live in Peoria, AZ (next to Sun City) that gave me some useful information on shopping for furniture.

Sandy and Mike relaxing with Marty
Steve and Sandy were there too.

Yesterday was the auction at Boomerville to benefit C.A.R.E.  This is one of the bigger fundraisers Boomers have to C.A.R.E. during the year and the generosity was evident with the final tally coming in at $4,400 just for this auction. The largest bid of $475 came in for the Mystery Dinner put on by Chuck and Jan and Dwayne and Betty.  Well received idea.

There were 130+ items with several auctioneers taking turns. Betty and Jan brought lots of laughter from the crowd with their “spirited” antics showing off the items.

DSCN5069 DSCN5072
DSCN5074 DSCN5073

The auction was held after “heavy” hors d’ oeuvres.


I brought over the Brazilian cheese pastry balls called Pao de Queijo that our buddy Paulo gave us. It’s a mix and you add four eggs, two cups of sharp cheese and only one cup of water.  Rolling into golf-ball size balls you get about 40 of these beauties. They are eggy and cheese gooey. They were very well received. Thank you, Paulo.

Terry Webb schooled me on how to navigate around Craig’s List, so we’ve been checking out what people have to sale in the way of furniture.  But, alas, we have to wait till we are closer to closing on our condo to purchase anything….and be closer to Sun City itself. No use inquiring about a piece of furniture for sale while we are out here in the middle of the desert. But we are looking nonetheless.

Well, that has you caught up on our activities for the week.  What have YOU been up to?

Remember, you are loved.