Monday, January 12, 2015

Deming, NM to Tucson, AZ

Leaving Deming Saturday and driving towards Tucson, we had a convoy of three vehicles.  Jim and I led, Deb, a newbie solo fulltimer, in the middle in her travel trailer, and Jay and Vicki in the rear with their HDT and 40 foot fifth wheel (all toll-72 feet for their set-up).

We got to Snyder Hill BLM land off I-19 in Tucson about 2.  By then we declared it happy hour and enjoyed a couple of hours sharing experiences and answering question Deb had for us.


Saturday evening was our third straight day of traveling and I was really tired so we went to bed early….like 7:30 early…..I know, I know, ridiculous right?  But the body just said “whoa”.

Sunday we got up early after a good night’s sleep and said our goodbyes to Deb and the Meachams and headed on out to Mesa. 

DSCN4979 DSCN4980

We stopped at a Love’s Travel Center to have breakfast.  We had to laugh seeing our “little” rig in the middle of all those eighteen wheelers.


We need to meet financial people on Wednesday about purchasing the condo, so we are staying at Mesa Regal RV Resort again, as they honor Passport America discount for up to a week. 


Yesterday afternoon, we had Lee and Edie over to watch the Bronco game.  They brought over their pup, Waldo, and he was so happy to see his “Uncle Jim” again.  Had to take a photo of him, but then forgot to take a photo of Lee and Edie….sorry!  I’ll take a photo of you guys when we come over for dinner.

There are so many things we need to do in a short period of time while in Mesa … go see the condo we bought that we purchased sight unseen!  Yes, I know….ridiculous isn’t it?  We want to check out some of the many estate stores in Sun City with the idea of purchasing all our furniture second hand.  I understand there are some real bargains to be had from these estate stores.  I need to get a haircut, we have planned dinner with friends and a happy hour with neighbors from our last stay here….it’s going to be busy.

Stay tuned…..remember, you are loved.

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