Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quartzsite IV

There have been some beautiful sunrises and sunsets at Boomerville. Here is one of my fav sunrises


The sunsets start out pretty, progress to beautiful and end up spectacular.

DSCN5090 DSCN5091
DSCN5093 DSCN5094

The Moores did a “knock about” knocking on doors and visiting for a few minutes before proceeding to the next rig…kind of a good idea I think I’ll “borrow” and do ourselves.  Here is Chuck and Jan who were introducing Mark and Patsy to other folks.

DSCN5104 DSCN5105

Wednesday was the last day of Boomerville.  We have met several of our friends while in Boomerville, but hadn’t connected with Kenny and Angela as they were working the Big Tent during this time.  So we made arrangements to have breakfast with them yesterday at Sweet Darlene’s in town. 


The food was pretty good with inexpensive prices.

Kenny’s breakfast with biscuits and gravy, with eggs and bacon for $5.95
And here’s my Western Breakfast with hash browns and toast for $4.95



The other day when we went to get milk this was one of the vehicles in the parking lot….a pirate themed truck




And here’s Poncho sneaking out of the covers to see if I was leaving him alone again or not…



Wednesday we joined the Moores and Shealys over at mile marker 99 off Hwy 95 for a more informal gathering to watch the Super Bowl….at an outside TV of someone’s motorhome….should be fun. 

Last night we had happy hour….of course…at our new site with Jim, Pat, Linda, Chuck, Judy, Jan and Dean


We will stay here till Monday and then move on over to North Ranch Escapee RV Club’s park between Congress and Wickenburg and wait till the condo closes.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. So happy to reconnect with you 2! Jan and Chuck/moore news

  2. Looks like happy times for your new homecoming. Enjoy!

  3. Be safe, have fun, we will see ya in a few weeks!


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