Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hondo to Van Horn Texas

Our normal stopping place after Hondo going west has been Saddle Mountain RV Park in Balmorhea, Texas.  A Passport America park with a rate of $10, it was a bargain.  However, it is now full with oil field workers renting by the month….so that was out. 

We stopped again at Sutton County Steak House in Sonora, Texas, right along I-10.  We stopped for fuel and this neat little place is on the north side of the street.  They have a miniscule lunch buffet with two meat items (today was fried chicken and pork chops), mashed red potatoes with the skins on, white gravy, veggies, salad bar, dessert bar and your drink for $9.29 and that’s a deal.  With all that we didn’t have to have dinner.

Since Jim was feeling pretty good after 2 p.m. we decided to drive on through Ft. Stockton and go on to Van Horn.  We are staying at Desert Willow RV Park with a rate of $13.50 with Escapees or Passport America discount. It’s a pleasant place with friendly staff, back-ins and pull-thru and it will do for a night.

We got here about 5:30 p.m. and had driven 425 miles.  That’s a lot for us, but that stretch of I-10 from Hondo is easy driving, not a lot of traffic and no stress.

Tomorrow onto Deming, New Mexico and we will stay at Dream Catcher Escapees RV Park.  We saw on Facebook that friends, Jay and Vicki, are also going to be there so we made arrangements to go to Adobe Deli for a late lunch or early dinner.  Can’t wait….bet Jim gets one of their steaks as he was nearly drooling when he was them last time we visited there.  I might have to try their pastrami sandwich that I’ve heard is wonderful and, of course, I’ll have to have another cup of their French onion soup….mmmmmmmm!!!

Talk to you tomorrow…..remember, you are loved.


  1. We will have to keep that stop in mind. Tell Jay and Vickie we said Hi. Travel safe!!!

    1. Great little place between El Paso and San Antonio. Also cheap at $13.50 a night.

  2. I have not thought about Van Horn Texas for a few years. An interesting little town in a minimalist sort of way:)

    1. I'm all into minimalist. That's going to be my principle decorating vision. Less is better and easier to clean.


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