Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yucky Weather-Hat Delivery

We’ve been indoors for the last three days due to the cold wave affecting the nation.  Caliche dirt and water is not a good mix.  Most of the dirt roads to ranches and around gates are made of caliche dirt.  Caliche is where soil particles are cemented together by lime, add water and you have a slimy, gooey mess and if left to dry it is like cement.

The caliche is picked up on truck tires from ranch roads then get left on the highways and the spray of that mixture got on our truck. Our truck has never been this dirty.


We went out to deliver a hat and glove set to our friend, Monica.  She really liked them.


Later in the day we drove out to Jim and Linda Mossman’s gate and visited for a while.  They are always such good folk to be around….love them.

Now we continue to sit at Gate Guard Services yard, waiting for a gate.  Today being Saturday, it will probably be until Monday before anything is possible. 

So I’ll continue to read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I read it originally back in 1992, but with the TV series out now on Starz I got interested in it again.  I really like multi volume or book series like Twilight Saga and Harry Potter. Since each book is 600-700 pages long, the eight book series will take a good long time to devour. That makes me happy.

Jim is going to Pleasanton to wash the truck and buy propane as we’ve had the heat on 24/7 the last week. Our one electric heater doesn’t push out enough heat to keep us warm, so we are also using the Kozy World ceramic heater.

That’s our day….how about you.  Remember, you are loved.


  1. Even Arizona is cold! We are warm, 68 degrees, but cloudy and rainy. Ann

  2. Just ran upon your Blog & from your entry today you are waiting on a gate, how long have you-all been working as gate guards? We were on a gate about 18 miles south of Pleasanton & just south of I 37 for about 6 months in 2013, we had to give it up for health reasons. Maybe some day we can go back on a gate.
    Billy Bob

    1. This was the third winter we've come down to gate guard. There are few gates available this year So we left early.


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