Saturday, January 10, 2015

Van Horn, TX to Deming, NM

When we woke yesterday morning at Desert Willow RV Park in Van Horn, Texas, it was cooold and very windy.  I was peddling around when Jim came in from the outside with the statement, “let’s go the weather is turning ugly”. So quick like a bunny I whipped around and got things put up and ready to go.  Temp was below 30 with high winds….I was so cold getting the leveling block and chucks put away.  Luckily we were going west and had a tail wind when we departed at 7:30 a.m.

However I noticed the fridge  was off again as it had been the day before.  Thought Jim’s resetting it had fixed it. Damn….. Jim figured we had a bad circuit board.  I put a post on facebook asking for RV repair shop in Deming and heard back good reports on Jimmy’s RV Repair.  So we called and were told to drive on in when we arrived and they’d take a look.

We arrived in Deming and at Jimmy’s about 11 a.m. making really good time from Van Horn.  Yup, need a new circuit board but they didn’t have the one we needed.  Wait, they may have a used one from a fridge that died.  Pray, cross your fingers, stay positive…..YES, it was the right one for us.  Being used they only charged us $70 instead of $180 a new one would have cost us and with $95 for an hour’s labor, we were out of there in only one hour and $177 less in our pockets.



We drove over to Dream Catcher (Escapees) RV Park and look who met us.  Jay Meacham….



It didn’t take us long to get set-up and we all drove over to Adobe Deli for lunch.  We really love this place and is now our first choice when in Deming


I won’t put up too many photos as I put up a lot in my blog post when we were here in December. These photos show up a lot better in the day time than those I took at night last December.


You can see the windmill
Look how long that barbecue pit is
Life size statues
Vicki with a buffalo

The food was just as good as last time. The photo of Jay and Vicki’s Rueben sandwiches was really fuzzy so I didn’t put it in, but they said it was very good.

Good shot of the bar
Wonderful French onion soup
Jim’s French dip sandwich only showing half of it with huge steak fries
My pastrami sandwich with onion rings


After lunch we lounged around a while and then joined others at the 4 p.m. happy hour.  I met Lou and Val who will also be going to be on staff at Escapade, so that was nice.  Jay and Vicki are on their way to Yuma, but will follow us to Tucson today and then go on from there.

Talk with you tomorrow…..remember, you are loved.


  1. Great post and pictures, Bobbie! so glad you all connected. Hugs. Ann

  2. Yum, someday you ought to make a page just for Restaurants you have been to!


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