Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Clean-Up and Goodbye

I’ve forgotten to put in a couple of items on this blog that I want to make sure to remember.

One of the last nights we spent in Whitsett there was a beautiful sunset.  This photo doesn’t do it justice as the color was much more red. The reflection in the rain puddles were pretty also.


Also I forgot to put in a picture of the gift box of Montana items given to us by Mollie and Art (the permanent gate guards on the ranch where we subbed).  It was huge with granola, almonds, mustard, beef sticks, lemon pepper, huckleberry licorice, caramel waffle cookies, breading, huckleberry merlot cake mix and candies.  Really enjoying this.



We are staying at Lone Star Corral RV Park in Hondo, Texas.  It is an Escapees Co-Op park where lots are owned by participants.  Jim and Linda Mossman have a lot here and we came in and rented someone else’s lot so we could visit them for a while.  Last night we joined about 20 others for their weekly dinner out to Cowboy’s Restaurant in D’Hanis. 

The food was excellent from the hand molded burgers, to Mexican dishes, right up to shrimp basket.  I was impressed.

Jim’s chicken fried steak
My chile rellano with great rice which isn’t always the case and homemade refried beans

The conversation was lively and interesting.  We really enjoyed the folks at Lone Star Corral.  I know The Mossmans are very happy here and feel at home.

Later we went over to The Mossmans to enjoy each other’s company. Check out Poncho and Walker vying for Linda’s attention.


Sad day today as we said goodbye to Jim and Linda Mossman.  They got another gate to guard so they left this morning.  We are worried about when we will see them again with us now having a condo and spending the winters in Arizona, and The Mossmans now having a lot in Hondo, Texas area.  But we promised each other we’d find a way to meet up somewhere in the fall for a visit.



They’ve been gone two hours and I’m still crying

Remember, you are loved, too!!!

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  1. remember one sad day means 10 great ones are just around the corner...


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