Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dinner with Friends

We went back to Sun City yesterday to check out some more of the thrift stores.  There was one store that you literally had to shimmy sideways to maneuver around all the furniture.  The headboards were leaning against the wall, one in front of the other….how would you get anything out to buy? But it was fun to see what was available to buy.

We also stopped by Sun City Visitors’ Center and gathered up all sorts of brochures, maps and newspapers. The folks there were so nice and full of helpful information.  They are located in one of the seven recreation centers in town.  This is the Bell site and it is HUGE, easily a block long.

DSCN4994 DSCN4995

There is even a county library there on the right of the complex.  It’s very nice….I might volunteer there shelving books.


We had lunch at Old Country Buffet in Glendale and I was impressed with all the steamed veggies I was able to find, especially the large chunks of butternut squash and broccoli.  I got my fill on veggies and salad and Jim enjoyed the meatloaf, individual chicken pot pie and beef stew.

We did spend some time at American Furniture Warehouse in Glendale.  This is a privately-owned company that has no debt.  It pays in full for everything they buy.  Plus their president, Jake Jabs, is very generous to local charities.  They have 12 stores in Colorado and two here in Arizona…Glendale and Gilbert.

We did find several things we liked and will probably buy.  Like this dining room set.  We actually have these same chairs in our rig right now with a table for dining. We move them to the condo and use it in our eat-in kitchen.  Then we have two couples over for dinner we’ll have two extra chairs to use with this dining room set and it will all match.


I’m still holding out for this platform bedroom set from Ikea with a headboard with side storage and four drawers underneath for extra storage.


Now all we have to decide is living room furniture….Jim and I are on two different wave lengths on this….but we’ll find something we both like soon.

Last night we went over to Lee and Edie’s for dinner and enjoyed a wonderful pot roast dinner.

We love these two people
Look at the beautiful table setting Edie made…great hostess

It was a full day and we were tired and turned in early and slept well.

We get to go see our condo this morning….we are SOOOOO excited!!!!!!! 

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Looking forward to the condo pics...

    We 'landed' in Q.


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