Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quartzsite-Mile Marker 99

We moved over to Mile Marker 99 last Wednesday (Jan. 28th) joining Chuck and Jan Moore and company.  Dean and Judy have “accumulated” a stash of fire wood that Judy really wanted used up, so we are having nightly fires to accommodate them.


As many of you who follow Chuck and Jan’s blog, you know Chuck is “into” making sour dough bread and the other night he surprised us with giving us some.  It was so wonderful!!! We made toast the next morning and it was absolutely the best I’ve ever had.  Now I’m trying to talk Jim into expanding his culinary skills to include sour dough items.

Sorry the flash distorted the bread

Our little group is expanding daily now including Ed and JanDSCN5125

It has rained, but the girls were able to get out of our rigs for while yesterday and visit (and nearly bought out) the Gem Shop in town.  I never knew this place existed.  This place is a huge wholesale style bead and rock store. Items are very, very inexpensive and has a huge variety.

Even though I’m not a beader, I found a set of six Buddhas in various poses, some small jewelry gift bags, and a few metal pieces one of the girls is going to make into earrings for me.


We had another fire last night and our group expanded to include Loren, Bill and Gisela and Betty and Duane.  It’s going to be a heck of a good Super Bowl party tomorrow!!!!

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Yay! It'sbeen so fun. Loved our shopping trip, Bobbie! Hugs Jan (moore news)

  2. Looks like a good time! We just left Quartzsite a few days ago, and I never knew about this building. Would have loved to see what they had since I am a beader. Well, there's always next year :) Glad you're hav'in fun!

    1. Donna, it is huge. It down passed Silly Al's and beyond Hardy's almost to the end of the street on the right. I'm not a bearer and I found it interesting


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