Thursday, February 5, 2015

Super Bowl and last days in the Desert

We had a grand ole time watching the Super Bowl on Mark and Patsy’s outside TV, with all of us clustered around sitting in our lawn chairs. (Need to come up with another name than “lawn chairs” as our chairs haven’t EVER seen a “lawn”. Maybe I should call them “dirt” chairs.)

DSCN5134 DSCN5136

We filled the tables with snacks, soups and chilis, while Chuck grilled sandwiches made from his sour dough bread and Mark’s cream cheese tapenade.

DSCN5140 DSCN5141

“Some” of us weren’t too much into the football game, so we sat to the side and did crafts during the game.

Knitting, beading and more
Look at the lovely pine needle bowl Judy made

Through the week we met to do crafts together.  This is a rare treat for me and I treasured every moment of crafting with other ladies.  I knitted Jan a hat to say “thank you” for the sour dough bread.

DSCN5130       DSCN5133

Sadly it was soon time to leave Quartzsite for this year.  We left Monday and made our way to Congress/Wickenburg to stay at North Ranch, one of Escapee RV Club’s parks.  We’ll stay here a couple of weeks while we wait for our closing date on the condo, February 16th.  This is the closest and most affordable RV park we could find to Sun City. 

A couple of days ahead of that we plan to move to the Elk’s Club in Sun City so we can transfer things from the rig to the condo.  But since it is boondocking only we have to limit our time there…can’t stay there three weeks.

We are driving to Sun City several times a week as we need to buy EVERYTHING for this condo, as we are going to continue to RV and maintain a rig.  We’ve been looking for furniture at the estate sale stores and Craig's list. 

Today we plan on going to visit the 100+ acre RV Storage Compound in Surprise with it’s 4,400 storage sites and make arrangements to store our rig still April.  Close by are our friends Lora and John, and we’ll visit them as well.

We’re also going to check out Costco, T.J. Maxx, Ross’s, Marshall’s and Tuesday Morning, most of them in nearby Peoria.  We need to find sheets, towels, pots and pan set, dishes and flatware.

Well we are off….see you soon.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Am sure you are excited to get moved in! Will even more fun when you can start playing house! Love to you both

  2. Looking forward to seeing how your new home comes together. I'm really glad to know you are keeping your motorhome so you can still travel. I'm thinking you have to escape to the national forests of Colorado to beat the AZ summer heat. Enjoy!

  3. Hi, I love your blog. You might want to check out ebay for a lot of what you need. Bedding and kitchen especially. Can search for new or used and so many ship free. Dee


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