Sunday, February 8, 2015

Condo-Changes Are a Com’in

We got a call from the title company and were told since Monday, February 16th is a holiday that they will be closing on our condo on Friday, February 13th….my lucky day (I’ve always like Feb. 13 and good things have always happened to me on that day).

How they do things here in Arizona the buyers sign all the paperwork with the title company one day, the sellers sign the same paperwork on another day.  Then they record the paperwork and THEN you have another day marked as the closing date when you actually get the keys to the place.  In Colorado you all get together at the same time, sign everything, write your check and you get the keys….then they record the purchase.  We go in to sign the paperwork on Wednesday, February 11th and do a final walk through on the condo.

We got another call with good news …. our realtor called to tell us the sellers “have been having issues with the hot water heater so they are going to replace it before closing date”.  What nice people…they didn’t have to do that.  So we will have a five year old heating/cooling unit, five year old roof, brand new paint inside and a brand new hot water heater.  We are blessed.

We’ve been checking out all the estate resale stores and Craig’s List looking for furniture for weeks now, but haven’t found anything in our style …. contemporary/modern. Also we want a reclining couch and loveseat instead of two recliner chairs like we have now in our rig …. don’t like the look of it in the condo …. reminds me of little old people live there …. reclining couch look up-to-date folks enjoy life there.

So yesterday we went to American Furniture Warehouse and went shopping …. in a big way.  Bought the living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. No, they aren’t heirloom quality, but will last us our lifetime. 

Here’s the bedroom set we got …. not the chest of drawers, just the bed, dresser and mirror, and one night stand.  We also chose a plush mattress.  The bed has a platform so we didn’t have to buy the box springs. (I swiped this image from their website.)


Here is the dining room set.  Interestingly enough, the chairs are identical to the two chairs we have now in our rig.  So when we have two couples for dinner I will already have the two extra chairs …. we are putting the chairs and round table from our rig into the eat-in kitchen of the condo.

0113151445 (1)

And now for the living room. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Here’s the motorized couch and love seat we bought
This is the rug we and end tables we bought but undecided about the coffee/cocktail table
Close up of the rug. It picks up the furniture color and the green in the bedroom and bathroom.
0207151325We bought two of these end tables but undecided about the lamp.  Plan on putting a basket of yarn on the bottom on my side. I like the ring of copper under the table.

After the furniture store we stopped at Tuesday Morning to see what we could find dishes and glasses, but didn’t find anything.  So we tried Bed, Bath and Beyond but didn’t find any reasonably priced dinnerware or flatware, but did find some towels on clearance we liked.  We picked out grey and black for a contemporary look.  Next we will try out Target, T.J. Maxx, Ross and Marshall for the kitchen items.

We are going to stay here at North Ranch and leave Thursday and move to Elk’s Club in Sun City so we will be closer for moving stuff to the condo on Saturday.  We will take out as much stuff from our rig as we can use in the condo.  It will be easier to move the remaining stuff into our downsized rig. 

We’re really going to miss the ice maker in our rig’s freezer when we move into the condo.  I’ll try to keep an ice bin full from four ice trays, but if not we can always buy an ice maker, like I’ve seen a lot of gate guards use in Texas.

Well, that’s it for now.  The weather here has been beautiful here …. with temps in the 80s with clear skies and unbelievable sunrises and sunsets …. yes, we are up in time to see both most days.  That’s one thing I want to find in Sun City …. a good place to watch sunsets.  Sandy and Charles Lee got Jim and I into watching sunsets every night when we were together at Ft. Pickens in Pensacola, Florida and Davis Bayou in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  Now it is a priority for us …. watching every sunset …. pretty good priority to have. 

See you later …. remember you are loved.


  1. What an exciting time for both of you. I also enjoy sunsets; it's better than TV anytime. And it's free. And there are no reruns or commercials. Enjoy it all.

    1. We find sunsets are very affirming...there will be a tomorrow.

  2. Very nice! I like your choices.

    We have a portable ice maker that works well. We can filter the water before making ice. Usually it makes ice very quickly.

    Enjoy your new condo!

  3. Looks like it is all coming together rather nicely... look forward to seeing it all before we leave...

  4. Wonderful choices! Love all of the furniture that you've picked. Happy moving in days!
    Hugs, J&C-moore news


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