Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This Blog is Dead

As you can see I have not been updating this blog for a long time… it is time to close it down. 

I started this blog shortly after we went on the road as fulltime RVers in 2007.  It was a way to make a record for us of our travels and activities….and photos of many meals.  We were very pleased to find many others liked to read our blog.

However, now that we have slowed down our travels, bought a condo in Sun City where we will spend our winters and summer in south-central Colorado, there doesn’t seem much to blog about.

To be honest, it takes a lot of time to put up a blog post.  For me it took a good two hours each time uploading the photos, editing them, placing them in a table or tilting the photos and then writing copy. 

I’m getting older and want to spend my time reading, knitting, socializing, volunteering and taking naps.  Pretty boring stuff to blog about.  Plus most of our friends are on Facebook and blogs don’t seem to be “the thing” any more.

So, dear friends, thank you ALL for your attentiveness to this blog….I’m glad you have enjoyed it….time to move on. 

I’m on Facebook under Bobbie Chapman, Bobbie 2015 so if you choose, you can keep up with me on there. 

So long…..

Remember, oh please, do remember, you are loved!!!
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