Thursday, February 12, 2015

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

that’s what we did for a whole hour…signing papers at the title company yesterday.  All our part is now finished and all we can do now is wait for the sellers to sign their papers and then have all the paperwork recorded.  So by Friday sometime we will be called to pick up the keys.

We also did a “walk through” of the condo with our realtor yesterday. I had a chance to measure cabinets, drawers and linen closet to get an idea of how much shelf lining I  need to buy. 

We are concern with the wall colors as without the sellers furniture we could see the true colors of everything and it is yellow and dark brown…not our taste.  But we will live with it for a while and see how we feel, and how our furniture works with it. 

The sellers did leave all the window coverings, which is very nice.  They even left an outside roll-down wooden curtain to cut the sun from shining inside.  That will be helpful.

We will move the TV from our rig to the condo for now and purchase another one in the fall. Other items are more of a priority.  We will put it on the green table Jim Mossman made for us that now sits on the side of our couch.

Today we move from North Ranch to boondock at the Elk’s Club in Sun City for a few days as we unload a lot of things from the rig into the condo. It will take a lot of trips back and forth but we’ll take our time and get it done over a period of days. Hopefully we will be allowed to park the rig behind the complex for a few hours to make unloading easier.

We’re excited, but I’m also sad in a way as this RV has been our only home for seven years straight and it is hard to leave and put it into storage.  I know we will use it again in the spring/summer, but it will be different as a summer retreat and not our only home…….well …..

Remember, you are loved


  1. I've been reading your posts and admire the way you're making this life change with confidence and dignity. We've been on the road for 14 years straight and know our day is coming when we'll have to make some changes. Right now, neither of us can agree on where we want to land.....

    1. Thank you so is not easy on us...leaving the RV that has been our only home for 7 years is scary...nothing is familiar...everything is new. We will adjust.

  2. We have been fulltiming for 6 years and in October bought a small house--about 2X the size of a park model, in Superstition Views in Gold Canyon. We can park our RV on our site and will continue to travel in it during the summer. We, too, bought our furniture from American Furniture Warehouse. Can't beat a Colorado business here in Arizona.

    1. Oh that sounds nice. Yup we are glad to do business with our old Colorado business. We've bought all our furniture from them from their Pueblo store.

  3. Congratulations on finding a place to settle. It looks really nice and we hope you are happy there. We know eventually we will have to do the same but we are not there yet. We do look forward to seeing you again on the road. Love & Hugs, Jim & Nanc


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