Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quartzsite, AZ

We arrived on Saturday (January 17th) after an easy drive from Mesa, AZ.  We joined the Boomers (a sub group of Escapees RV Park) out in the southeast part of Quartzsite where they have met up for many years. 


We enjoyed a potluck with them


and later Saturday night I showed evidence of catching Jim’s flu symptoms.  It was a mildly rough 12 hours and then rested most of Sunday till Monday morning.  Whiff….glad that is over and that having had the flu shots our symptoms were mild.


Monday Jim competed in the chili cook-off and ended up winning third place with his Chili Verde…we used fresh green chiles that we carry with us frozen…thanks to our friends, The Abeytas, from Espanola, New Mexico.  Jim was very surprised to win third place and extremely proud.

Here are Terry Webb, Jan Moore and Jim….the first, second and third place winners….friends all.


We have enjoyed the company of so many friends since we have been here and are really enjoying ourselves.  The internet connection out here is sketchy at best.  There’s a lot of people all trying to get out at the same time. So my blog posts may be a little less while we are out here for two weeks.  I’ll do my best.

Remember, you are loved.



  1. Way to go Jim!! Looks like you are having fun!! I think we were there at the wrong time a few years ago. Ann

  2. Hi Bobbie & Jim! Congrats to Jim on the chili! It sure was a fun day. And so glad that you are feeling well again! Hugs, C&J


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