Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Chapman Annual 4-Wheeling Trip

The last weekend in July is always the time when Jim and his brothers take their annual Jeep trip “over the mountains and through the woods” from Lake City to Ouray.  They always ask friends along and this year Jim took my former boss, Heinz.

I then take over Jim’s work “swishing toilets” in our campground and two other public restrooms in the area.  Luckily for the last six years my BFF, Salai, takes off work as Alamosa Library Manager and comes up to help me.  She gets right in there and sweeps and washes the restroom floors, etc. She also takes over walking and caring for the dogs so I can deal with campers.


Jim takes the camera so I don’t have a photo of Salai working with me, but I do have one at her work desk.




Here’s Jim and Heinz as they took off Friday morning.


Here is a collage of some of the EIGHT photos Jim took over the whole weekend……Heinz said he took over EIGHT HUNDRED photos.  Jim’s excuse…..”I was busy driving”.

2012 Ouray Trip

They did have a good time and Jim and Heinz came back Sunday with shirts marked up to prove where they had spent the weekend.  Heinz said he’d like to do it again next year.


Salai and I spent Saturday in Creede messing around and nearly bought out Creede Olive Oil Company.  Then we went to Kip’s for an early dinner to celebrate our birthdays both in July.  Saturday we cleaned and talked about knitting, balled some yarn hanks, talked about vegetarian eating lifestyle and went to The Shaft for a salad dinner.  We cherish this weekend we have together every year!!!!

That evening after Heinz and Salai left, Jim and I joined our camp buddies, Charlie and Dawna for a tostada dinner.


It was a grand weekend for all of us.  Now we are definitely on the “down side” of the summer season with about six weeks to go. 

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Glad Jim had his time out with the guys and that you had "girl time" with Salai....worked out great for both of you. Love the shirts the guys have ! hugs to you both.

  2. Tell Dawna and Charlie HI! from us. Sounds like Jim and company had a great time. Hugs!

  3. That was our first camping trip ever, during the fall back in 1995. We bought a 26ft tag-along 3 days before our saved-up 5 week vacation. Friends suggested going to Gatlinburg, but fools that we are said, go west where we had never been to Utah & CO. Boy did we get a quick learning curve! Everyone said, what if you don't like camping, since we'd never been before? Never was a problem, we were hooked! We keep trying to go new places that we haven't been before, but that area is definetly one we'd like to go back to! Especially liked Ouray, Million $ Highway, Gunnison Box Canyon, oh my, what memories. We may have camped in one of your campgrounds? I tried writing everything down, but after 3 or 4 days I quit. Maybe I should start a computer blog, but I'm not high tech! What are your plans after leaving CG. When will you head for Whitsett, talked to Jamie yesterday. We hope to work again this fall, hope to meet ya! Tom & Lynn

    1. After we Park Creek we will wonder back to south Texas by way of two weeks in OK to reunite with our friends, The Mossmans, and we all will be at Whitsett by Nov. 1st. We'll stay till March 1st when we will spend a month in Abbeyville, Louisiana at Betty's RV Park, a real favorite place for us. I told Jim if we were making all this good money gate guarding, I wanted to be working for something special and a month at Betty's RV Park is special.

  4. butterbean carpenterAugust 4, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    Howdy B&J,

    So glad the season turned out really good, after the way it began!! Jim and The Chipmunks, has he taught them to 'sing', yet?? I like Buddette(BUDDAY) for the /female? chippie!!! hey hey hey Did Jim ever catch that 'record' trout?? I'm glad you're not going on another 'breakdown' tour this fall!! When y'all leave Gordon McCrea/Shirley Jones country you can come straight down to the RunningStar Ranch on your way to the BIG $$$$ job; bring the Mossmans, too, also!!! We have enuff room for all of y'all... We'll do a fire in Joyce's BIG firepit and we'll listen to all of your travel tales!!! Remember y'all are too, also!!!


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