Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things Are Going Along

Not much happening on our end this last week.  We have been full most nights, which is good, with most people staying 1-2 nights.  But we also have five or so spots where folks are staying the 14 day limit.

Here is my little mini herb garden that I have on our dining room table.  It gets afternoon sun and has been flourishing.  There is rosemary, basil and thyme.


Jim continues to feed the chipmunks most afternoons.  They sure know when to “come a callin” because if Jim isn’t outside by 3:30 they run up the steps and scratch on the screen door!!!  Jim has three followers: Buddy, who is getting so fat we now think he, no, she may be pregnant.  What’s the female equivalent of “Buddy” anyway??????  Then there is Squeaks because of the sound he makes all the time.  And then there is Bashful who hasn’t mustered up enough courage to sit and eat his peanuts on Jim’s lap yet.  Squeaks rushes up grabs a peanut and skedaddles back to his home.

Here is Jim with Buddy, calmly eating his peanut while Jim pets his back.

Buddy Day 2 (1) 

Buddy Day 2 (2)

We have had a rain shower most every day, but it hasn’t caused much of a fuss as it usually only lasts an hour or so and it cools things off and keeps the dust down on the road through the campground.

We are more than half way through the season with only six weeks to go and are beginning to get “hitch itch” once again.  We’ve bee sitting for basically since April and the wanderlust is setting in.

So, how is your summer going?  Are you making your winter plans yet? 

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Isn't nice having fresh herbs? I'm growing rosemary and basil along with some cilantro.
    Hmmmm Budette?!!!! Glad your staying busy.

  2. I am hoping to get a nice camping trip to Lincoln National Forest campgrounds in the Sacramento District. They are at 9,000 feet and it will be good to get away to some cool and green country. This Texas heat and drought is wearing me down. I hope to leave Sunday for a 2 week trip.

    Your postings have inspired me to get up and get going. Thanks very much!

  3. Wow I hope Jim doesn't next try to pet any bears!


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