Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Hail Storm

Yesterday was a beautiful, sun shining day. Jim was feeding peanuts to Buddy and his friends while I was feeding them snap peas.  It began to sprinkle a little and we didn't think anything about it much because we've been having afternoon showers all July.  All of a sudden all the chipmunks got real still and took off fast.  Hummmm....what's that all about?  We soon found out.

The rain got stronger and then came the hail...HARD!!! More rain, wind ensued, but the hail just got bigger and  bigger.  Soon it went to dime size and eventually to almost quarter size.

One of the smaller hail stones
Hail covering the ground looked like snow

Hail stones battered our awning-may have to put in an insurance claim cause we now have some small holes in it now.

Even under the trees looked like snow. Hail stones pounded down a lot of small clumps of leaves and a lot of baby pine cones fell

The Jeep got a lot of debris on it as it is parked under a pine tree

Jim turned on our walkie-talkie to the weather channel and heard that a severer thunderstorm had hit 7.5 miles southwest of South Fork and 10 miles from Wolf Creek Pass, with winds of up to 60 MPH and quarter sized hail....ah, that was within a mile of our campground!!! We were hit with the full force of that thunderstorm!

Jim drove around to make sure all our campers were OK.  We had several tenters and we wanted to off them shelter in our RV if they wanted to.  Everyone was shaken up with the suddenness of the storm but were faring alright.

The storm lasted about 30-45 minutes and then just as quickly it quieted down into a soft and gentle rain.  I had two dogs cowering under the covers in our bed...they were very spooked.

Afterwards several campers mentioned that they noticed the chipmunks disappearing all of a sudden.  It is weird how animals are so attuned to nature that they know when something weather-wise is about to happen.

That was my was your?

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Wow! This certainly has been the year for hailstorms. Any damage to your RV besides the awning? A hailstorm back in April totaled my son's 5th-Wheel.

    1. No other damage that we know of, but Jim is going to check the skylight and vents on top of the roof today, so we'll see.

  2. Thats alot of hail... A frightening amount!! The other day we had a nice breezy day followed by gigantic foreboding clouds that brought us a tiny shower, then about 12 minutes later it starts pouring hail... The oddest part being that it only lasted for about 15 minutes and then we got pure sun and rain for the rest of the afternoon. I just can't predict mother nature as much as I used to, I suppose. God bless, and good luck in your future RV'ing!!

    -Tony Salmeron

  3. Nice blog and a very nice place you are in now.

  4. That's a little scary. There is much in nature to be in awe of and it sure lets us know we can't control everything. Glad you didn't have more damage.

  5. We had the storm here in FV too. As luck would have it my awning was in and the new awnings on the slide outs weren't damaged. I helped out a lot of folks here by dumping the hail off of their awnings before heading for cover. Still a day in the mountains is better than a day almost any where else!

  6. Scary stuff, did you have any damage to vent covers?

  7. The wind scares me more than the hail. We had really bad winds here not too long ago and it actually ripped the roof off of a small out-building and injured someone!! Crazy weather this summer!!! Stay safe!


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