Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hail Damage

Well, Jim went up on the roof and yes, we have damage.  There's a crack in the air conditioning top, a hole in one of our vents and the awning is toast with holes poking through.  Looks like stars shining through during the day.

So when Jim called the insurance company there wasn't any deductible because we have that vanishing deductible and we've had the policy for over five years; how the insurance company informed us the repairs on the awning would be pro-rated because the year of the rig (2005) and we'll only get 30% of the repair costs...go figure.  Soooooo, looks like my 70th birthday present will be a new awning and vent covers instead of the Wilson Signal Booster I wanted.

Yes, I ask for the most interesting gifts don't I?  For our 25th wedding anniversary I told Jim I wanted either a 2 carat diamond ring OR a Champion generator for $300 so we could go camping for more than overnight....guess which one I got??????? LOL.  That generator lasted two years, with one of those years being as a fulltimer.  It died outside of Buena Vista in "mosquitoville" back in 2008 during the Escapees RV Club Boomer Colorado-rang.  We left in the bushes and drove away after Jim went and bought our present Honda 2000. The Honda generator has really held up because we boondock about 8 months a year and it is now four years old.

Well, I best get home and make sure Jim remembered to close up the awning because we are expecting more hailstorms and high winds today.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. So....does the insurance co. only expect you to pay 30% of the premium now? Sounds like you're getting screwed over pretty good.

  2. Use Gorilla tape on the AC cover. I have had a hole covered with it for three years. Duct tape came off on the first trip. It is worth the extra money, Hope all repairs go well.

    Safe travels

  3. butterbean carpenterJuly 15, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    Howdy B&J,
    Well, where would you wear a 3 carat diamond ring to anyhow?? Just flash it at the chipmunks and the skunks down in Whitsett!! Sorry about the damage, but remember y'all are too, also!!!


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