Friday, September 20, 2013

Kaitlin’s Birthday Party

We’ve known Kaitlin since she was about 12-13 when her dad, Heinz, came to Alamosa as Library Director….my boss. Since we have retired we’ve stayed in touch with Heinz and Angela, his wife.  They want to become fulltime RVers in the future and we’ve been answering their questions through the years.

Kaitlin was homeschooled and came to the library to do part of her homework.  She was a good helper too, when we got busy and needed her help.  She was mature, courteous, industrious and kind….she still possesses all those qualities.

Last night we joined her family to celebrate her 23rd birthday at Chili’s.


Kaitlin got a bit flustered with all the attention when the wait staff came over to sing to her for her birthday.


The topper of the evening though was when we went back to their house and Kaitlin brought out the birthday cake she made herself….yes, she bakes, too.  DSCN0408

This themed cake was a character of a movie she likes (don’t remember what) and she even made the marshmallow fondant!  It was soooo delicious.  She showed us photos of other birthday cakes she had made for family members and they were all very creative and original.

A multi-talented woman, Kaitlin also makes woven jewelry.  You can see her items on Facebook at The Worthy Weaver . These are all handmade and have different pendants hanging from the beaded and woven necklaces.

Not satisfied with a degree in interior design she is now going back to school for graphic design so she can combine all her design talents for her use in a career from designing someone’s logo to designing the corporate offices for them.

Yes, I am rambling on and on about this fine woman, but I am just so proud of how well she has grown in to adulthood….happy we can still be a part of her life.

Remember, you are loved.





  1. The Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton, music by Danny Elfman. The face on the cake is Jack. My son-in-law is a huge fan. Happy Birthday Kaitlin!

  2. Aww ms Bobbie I love you guys! Im so blessed you both were able to spend my birthday with me. Made it that much more memorable and special!


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