Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In Pueblo

We are here in Pueblo for Jim to attend classes to renew his water certification…this allows him to do the maintenance and testing of the water  systems at campgrounds. 

While driving from Alamosa to Pueblo we were guided to the side of the road by the State Patrol.  He was clearing two lanes for the upcoming convoy of vehicles.



Here it comes. Diesel said Might Mitt, I think but couldn’t find anything online
Behind the front diesel this huge machine on extra wheels
This is the machinery called Mega Morgan; again no info online
Behind the machinery was THREE additional diesel cabs connected by steel rods for stability.  It must have been a very heavy load requiring 3 diesels to push it up La Veta Pass

We have a couple of dear friends, both who live in
CIMG2709Pueblo, so we arranged to meet them both for dinner Monday.  This is Judy who we knew from church in Alamosa and Jean, a retired librarian I met in Leadville while I was at a conference.

We met at The Hen House here in Pueblo West….and yes, they serve all sorts of chicken dishes along with fish and chops.  Take a look of Jim’s chicken fried steak!!! It was as big as his out-stretched hand…


Cute building with “all things chicken” as decorations inside.

Yesterday we shopped for all the refreshments we will need for our two-day area manager training Jim and I will hold Friday and Saturday. 

In the evening we met seven of our area managers at a restaurant and had appetizers and iced tea. (They are also attending the water certification class.)  It was so nice to be able to put a face with a voice.  Oh, we have a good strong crew and looks like we’ll have a terrific summer.  Can’t wait!!!

Remember, you are loved.
Read the story behind this saying HERE


  1. Jim and Bobbie, look up Omega Morgan on the web.........Heavy haul and rigging company. They do some neat stuff.....


  2. May 2, 2013

    It looks to from your pictures some type of electric transformer.
    The additional tractors can also add braking power for the down slope


  3. That's some big machinery indeed! I agree with George that it may be an electric transformer.

  4. butterbean carpenterMay 5, 2013 at 6:20 AM

    Howdy B&J,
    I thought y'all didn't get the Alamosa campgrounds, but another set!!! What happened to the 2 feet of snow last week??
    Y'all do look rested and HAPPY, ready for THE SEASON, to begin... A chicken-FRIED STEAK at a CHICKEN place!!
    Good sized one, IF it was not all breading; they fool you that way!!! Once I sold meat to cafes & restaurants and you wouldn't believe what CFS is made from, NOT ALWAYS BEEF!!! Hope y'all have a HAPPY DAY and remember y'all are too, also!!!!


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