Monday, May 27, 2013

On The Move Again

We’ve completed our work here in the Red Feather District….45 miles northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado…and will move today down south to Nederland.

We’ve been up here doing some “one-on-one” training on the paperwork involved in camphosting. Got to use some of my computer background buying a dial-up modem and setting up an account with PeoplePC so the area manager can get online inexpensively up here in the forest. 

This week Jim and I will attend another camphost training session for another district.  We really like being a part of the training sessions because we get to meet all the camphosts…the front-line folk who service our guests.  Plus I love training and hope I’ll get a portion to do.

Weather here has been beautiful!!!  Days in the 70-80s with the nights 45*…perfect sleeping weather.  This is a grand time to be out camping!

Remember, you are loved.

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