Monday, May 6, 2013

Back from Pueblo

Weeeee, what a great time we had at Pueblo. We stayed at the Pueblo West Campgrounds & Stalls.  Yes, there are horse stalls at one end of the campground and there were a couple of horses and a new foal housed there.  Since the weekly rate was cheaper than paying for five days, we went over on Monday.

Tuesday we met at a restaurant with the area managers who came to take the water certification class….Jim also took the class for his renewal certification.  We enjoyed appetizers and soft drinks and got to know each other.

While the others were in class I was able to spend one day at the nearby Yarn Shop enjoying the company of other knitters.

On South McCulloch St in Pueblo West
Group of ladies being instructed
Very nice selection of wool, bamboo, acrylic and silk yarns
Display by the windows are tastefully done
Even Swedish embroidery is taught
Everyone concentrating on their project

The Yarn Shop is the only independent yarn store left in Pueblo, since the other two have closed in the last couple of years.  Although their closures wasn’t due to lack of business, it’s sad to see independent businesses closing down.  I find it harder and harder to find independent yarn shops as we travel across the country.

Friday we got an unexpected call from Bill Borger saying he was spending the weekend nearby and wanted to see us.  When he came over we couldn’t believe our eyes….this was Bill???? He had gastro bypass surgery and has lost about 160 pounds.  He looks amazing!!!!!

Santa Fe Bill, Lesle,Beth,Christine and us
Bill before with Lesle
Bill after
Bill now …. Wow!!!

After water certification participants took their test on Friday morning we started our American Land & Leisure area manager training on Friday afternoon.  It was just so convenient to have almost everybody already gathered together, so we took advantage of that to have our meeting. The one remaining couple drove down from Boulder to also attend so everyone was there.  The training went very well with lots of input and discussions…..loved it!!!



What a GREAT group!  We are going to have a wonderful summer together.

Sunday we drove back to Alamosa and set up at “Chapman Campground” at Jim’s brother’s place along with another.  Brian and Carol will help clear out company things in storage in Antonito.  Some things will go to Utah and some will go up north to our campgrounds in the Arapaho National Forest.

I have two pages of items to follow up on from our training meeting.  So we will all be busy getting ready for our summer and helping our campers discover the joy and wonder of being outdoors in the national forests.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. butterbean carpenterMay 6, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    Howdy Bobbie & Jim,
    Okay, now I know where y'all are going this summer.. Maybe you'll have a lot of 'bear' traffic up there, yeah right!! Get the 'new-type' dumpsters FIRST!!! Will Jim still have a fishing-river?? Sure do wish we could make it up there... Hope y'all have a great time and not tooo much work up there!!!
    Remember y'all are too, also...

  2. I miss independently owned yarn shops too! I am glad I have my spinning wheel with me to ease the pain. The fiber (yarn, etc) is almost as nice as the RV'ing community!

  3. It certainly sounds as if you are off and running for the season. I think you will have a great time this summer. Keep those needles flying! Hugs!


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