Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pretty Hats

I finally finished a couple of hats for my bud, Lory, and they came out pretty good.


Here is my dear friend, Salai, modeling a helmet hat I knitted for Lory to sleep in.  Because of the shape it won’t slip off easily. It also keeps your neck warm. I always sleep with a knitted hat on.




Then I had Salai try on the summer hat I knitted for Lory.  It came out cute.



Lory told me she wanted a hat for the summer with a visor to shade her eyes.  She also wanted me to give her braids because she wanted to be able to flip her head around and feel like she had hair.


So here’s what I came up with.  I used cotton and acrylic yarn to keep her head cool and then found some brownish yarn with a heather affect for the braids. I used 12 strands of yarn about 45 inches long – folded in half and put the fold around the kitchen cabinet knob and braided it. They looked like real hair.  I gave her a couple of safety pins to attached the braids to the hat.

So here is my Sweetie Pie, Lory, in her new hat with braids.  She loved it.


Lory liked this hat so much she wants another in yellow.  The yellow Jeanna yarn has been ordered, Lory, so more hats are being knitted.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Howdy B&J,
    You've got to be the sweetest friend anybody could have for doing such nice things as these !!!!! All of the smiles were 'LOVE' for Bobbie smiles and I'm sure they meant every bit of it !!!!!
    Did you get any 'camp-managers' from your invitation??

    Hope y'all have a great week !!!!


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