Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy Few Weeks

We have been moving our RV about every 4 days for the past two weeks.  We left Alamosa and drove up to Mountain Park Campground about 35 miles northwest of Ft. Collins…a two day trip for this ole gal. 

mt. park


I took this from cause my photos didn’t come out well.




We were there to attend that area managers’ training of their camphosts.  Unfortunately there wasn’t any cell or internet service; so every couple of days we had to drive to the local fire department ten miles west that had wifi.  We sat in the truck and connected and did all our office work that way.

Then on the 23rd we drove further north to Westlake Campground in Red Feathers, Colorado, to work with new area managers on needed paperwork. They caught on quickly and will be fine from now on.  I also worked one-on-one with three of their camphosts to help them understand some changes in paperwork we instituted this year.  Everyone was happy because it will streamline things and require less time to do now.


This photo of Westlake I took from  We parked right across from this site. Beautiful!

May 27th found us moving again, this time to Nederland to attend a two day training of camphosts by their area managers, staying in Kelly Dahl Campground. 



This is our “crazy” look photo. Yeh, that’s me on the floor…ever the clown.


Now I could live in Nederland….my kind of town!!!  Hippy, a bit weird, odd, unconventional with an eclectic population.  L-O-V-E-D it!!! Jim….he was a little uncomfortable…bless his heart.

In Nederland they have the neatest grocery store called B & F Mountain Market.  It has the largest selection of vegetarian/vegan products I’ve ever seen in a grocery store and, of course, a huge produce section. It also has the small section of meat and chicken I’ve ever seen….maybe a 15 foot cooler case is all. 

They carry about every Annie’s and Cascade Farm products.  Every aisle is packed with vegetarian/vegan selections along with regular brands.  It was wonderful….I was in heaven.  They even carried Brown Cow yogurt and I have never seen that brand outside of a specialty store.

After the training Jim took off to Salt Lake City to pick up a trailer.  He made the 500 miles in one day waking up at 3:30 a.m. and taking off.  He spent the night and again left at 3:30 a.m. to come back. I was OK since we finally staying long enough for Jim to put up the satellite TV.  I could watch TV while he was gone…that will be good even though I’d have to start the generator….boondocking, no hookups.

While he was gone we had the two worse days of wind I have ever experienced!!!!!  I was scared so I left and drove to the library in town.  While I was gone the satellite dish blew over, busted up, and had to be rescued from the middle of the road by the Boulder Sheriff who was doing a drive-through.  So no TV for me.  It was OK, as we have XM radio and I just put it on to the NPR station and knitted.

So last Saturday we moved once again from Nederland to Stillwater Campground in Granby, Colorado.  We need a couple of days off which we did yesterday and today.  All our traveling has been on mountain roads of varying altitudes.  It makes you weary to drive up and down the valleys and back and forth on the winding passes.  Jim was driving the truck pulling the fifth-wheel and I drove the company truck.  I’m not use to driving that much each day.

We will keep the RV here in Granby and when we need to visit the other districts we’ll travel in the company truck and stay at motels. 

Today we drove into Denver proper (two hours) to purchase another satellite dish.  Had a heck of a time finding a Dish network dealer!!!  Not easily found online or from a call to Dish.  But $75 later we had the new black dish…suppose to absorb heat better to melt accumulated snow faster.

So although we had yet another wind storm today, Jim suffered through it and set up the new dish and we now have TV again….watching the Rockies ball game right now.

So that about catches us up for you.  I’ll be posting more often now as we are perched up on top of the hill with strong cell and internet signal.  Now that all but one training session is done things won’t be so hectic for us.  Hopefully we will have time to check out the surrounding areas.  Being eight miles out of Granby we won’t be driving into town all the time…I’ll have a legitimate reason to stock up on food….one of my vices.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Holy cow you guys have been on the move a lot !That's tough having to move so often. Hopefully things will settle into a routine now and you can enjoy the area. hugs to you both !

  2. Drove through your campground this evening. Nice site in a good campground. Jim was outside so we chatted briefly with him. Didn't want to interupt the ball game and had chores to do so we mosied on back to Roaring Fork campground.

  3. We must have driven thru Granby on our way out of the RMNP many years ago. We did the park drive twice and loved it. Looking forward to seeing you two this fall, before Linda and I start gate guarding.
    Jim and Linda

  4. Wow, what a couple of busy weeks for you two. Things will get better now that you are settled for the summer. Sounds like you are going to have a great summer. Hugs to you both!

  5. Thanks for the update. Always glad to know what you guys are up to. That wind can be scary anyway, much less in a RV. Nina

  6. Well so good to see that the two of you are now settled, and at home! You are in a beautiful area, am sure you will love it up there, and having a good store to shop in is always a good thing. Take care and we will be looking forward to the Blogs! Love to you both,,,,,Roy and Carolyn

  7. You guys have totally worn us out! Hope you slow down a bit! Hugz Merlene & Dan

  8. Good to hear from you. Sounds like you have been soooooo busy. Hope it will slow down a bit once all your camp host are in place.

  9. Whew that does sound busy and eventful. Hope you have a great season there with no more wind!

  10. Whew that does sound busy and eventful. Hope you have a great season there with no more wind!

  11. Sounds like somebody's been busy. Satellite dishes can be so pesky even the reception can at times. Great pictures!!




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