Monday, June 17, 2013

Two Linda Times Three

We feel so fortunate to be able to see The Two Lindas three times this summer.  They stayed two days with us in Alamosa – we drove down to Silverthorne and saw them last Saturday – a week later they came up to see us, day before yesterday.

Linda S. called and said they wanted to take a bike (motorcycle) ride and were we available.  We are always available for friends…one of my themes of life is “people are more important than things”. CIMG3105

So we stopped visiting nearby campgrounds and took a half a day off and welcomed our friends.


We drove them to lunch in Grand Lake, which is a cute ski town six miles up the road.  I think Grand Lake has a covenant for wood siding because all the buildings look like they are made out of logs or have wood siding.  There are lots of diverse restaurants, gift shops and boutiques.

CIMG3087 CIMG3088
CIMG3091 CIMG3092
CIMG3093 CIMG3094

We had lunch at Cy’s Deli because they had a large selection of sandwiches.  I had the Hardy Arti with sun dried tomato pesto, lots of artichokes and smokey mozzarella cheese…yum! Jim and Linda B. had pulled pork and Linda S. a turkey avocado.  We were all happy with our choices.

Cy's Deli Grand Lake  We drove them through a few of the campgrounds and soon it was time for them to return to Breckenridge… an hour and a half drive.

CIMG3106            CIMG3107

We look forward to seeing them on the road once again.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Good visit ! Saw you guys as you passed through Roaring Fork CG.


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