Saturday, June 22, 2013

South Fork on Fire

Some of you have asked for info on the West Fork Complex wildfire that is taking place in the South Fork-Creede area.  So far 66,200 acres have burned.  There is “zero” containment.

These were taken from Del Norte driving towards South Fork last Thursday.



CIMG3227 CIMG3231
CIMG3232 CIMG3234
CIMG3238 CIMG3239
CIMG3240 CIMG3241
CIMG3245 CIMG3259

Sad news…..Big Meadows Campground is gone…both sides of the reservoir got burned. That is really sad as Big Meadows finally got opened this summer after being closed for renovations for three years. 

Also Rio Grande Reservoir area outside of Creede got “eaten up” and the wildfire is racing towards 30 Mile and River Hill Campgrounds.

So far the town of South Fork is still intact.  The fire is still 2-3 miles southwest.  Also Wolf Creek Ski Lodge is still OK with the fire being held back 1/4 mile away from the Pagosa Springs side.

There will be another day of Red Flag warnings tomorrow.  The winds also keep changing directions several times during the day, which doesn’t help the situation a bit.

South Fork was evacuated Friday morning.  The road is blocked off at Ute Bluff RV Park about three miles from South Fork on Hwy 160.  There are 32 engines around South Fork keeping vigil.

I’ll keep you informed.  Click here If you want to see a map of the burn area.

Pray for South Fork……


  1. That is so sad to know. So glad to have pictures of Big Meadow with trees so we can remember it.

  2. Wow....So sad to see all that - especially after the devastation last summer. Hope you guys and friends all stay safe!

  3. Truly scary images, thanks for posting them. As a westerner and having seen fires up close I pray for rain for you and the entire Mountain west.

  4. Thanks for the web site to view the fire coverage. I was in Fun Valley and it was evacuated last Thursday (6/20). I drove to Cedar Rail RV park at the top of Raton pass. I am save and sound there and will be there until I get word that FV has reopened. Sorry to hear that Big Meadows was burned.

  5. Stay safe out there. Thinking of you two and Rick and Terri.

  6. goodness. . .that is a huge glow. We experienced the Loveland fires last summer when we camp hosted in Estes Park. . .not fun when they tell you the wind is blowing them your direction. . .stay safe!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  7. It is heartbreaking to see the devastation but I am grateful for the heros fighting the fire and saving homes and lives there at South Fork.

  8. The fires are scarey but seems to be a neccesary part of nature. Nice pics

  9. Thanks for the very concise update. We have wondered how close the fire was to the campgrounds you managed in the past.

  10. It's sad to see any place ravaged by fire, but my heart breaks to hear about Creede and the surrounding areas. Such happy memories of that area. Hoping that everyone stays safe and that the fire is controlled, soon. Scary stuff.

  11. Hey Bobbie and Jim,
    We are so glad that you keep us updated through your blog.
    The fire situation certainly is scary.
    It sounds like things are going well and you are enjoying. are loved, too.
    Charles and Sandy


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