Monday, June 17, 2013

Father’s Day 2013

We spent a nice Father’s Day this year.  We usually take Sunday as our day off but since we only worked half a day Saturday with the Two Lindas visiting, we worked half a day yesterday visiting two more campgrounds. 

We took the afternoon off watching a Rockies game, part of NASCAR and watched a seldom seen thunderstorm as it passed through.   Soon the sun was shining and luckily there wasn’t any wind, so we decided to have our dinner outside.

We finally figured out how to use the timer on our camera…only had it five years and finally learned how to use it Smile


Jim cooked his steak and lobster


and I got my crab legs


our table was set and ready to eat….but, of course, I had to take a picture of our food laid out


Our daughters shared their sentiments towards Jim on Facebook and he received phone calls, so the day was complete.

Remember, you are loved…always and always.


  1. I'm jealous of your steak and crustaceans! I love the crustaceans.

  2. Lookin' good you guys ! Bet ya' had a good look at the rain storm from your ridge top campsite !

  3. You both look terrific! Enjoyed the photos... finally getting to check e-mail and blogs here at our sons. Missing good internet access, so hadn't read any of your posts until now. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy! Hugs, D & T


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