Monday, July 1, 2013

Doing Fine in Nederland, Colorado

While returning from South Fork last weekend, we found out one of our area managers had to leave.  We returned to Granby hooked up the rig and drove to Brainard Lake Recreation Area about 12 miles north of Nederland and just outside of Ward, Colorado.

We’ve been here a week and got the large day-use area opened and running smoothly.  Jim developed a work schedule, I modified the daily forms, trained everybody and we opened.  Then by Friday the campground was ready to go. After a quick training we opened it up at 8:00 a.m. and by 8:39 a.m. it was full.

The weekend went very smoothly and all the staff are happy and smiling.

We’ll try to hire a new area manager for Brainard but will stay here until then.  I’m happy – I really enjoy Nederland.

Life is good.

Unfortunately we don’t have any cell or internet service up at Brainard Lake, so we drive to Nederland everyday to get messages and check our email.  So be patient – blog posts will be spotty.

Remember, you are loved.

P.S.  I looked at my post after it was published and noticed that Blogger took it upon themselves to put in some hyperlinks on my words “training” and “internet”. Can’t see how to remove them so all I can do is apologize for this advertisement.  I didn’t add them and don’t like having it added without my permission, but, oh well…….


  1. it's the newest advertising nuisance. . .if you discover how to remove them, please pass along the info!

  2. Hey there Kiddos. If there are hyperlinks on your site they're not showing up. The only one is Brainard Lake Recreation Area. I see where Larry Harmon is there with you. Say hi to Mountainborn for us.

  3. I am sorry to hear that you are having that hyerlink issue. I had the same issue with my blog on blogger as well. I could not find a way to disable that automatic hyperlink addition, then it just stopped. Unfortunately I still have no idea what I did to stop it! Wish I could help.


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