Saturday, July 6, 2013

Survived July 4th

It was a long, full day but we survived July 4th.  The welcome booth ran smoothly with six of us taking entrance fees and directing traffic.

Jim drives back and forth from the parking lot two miles away and let’s us know how many parking spaces are available.  I count them off and add a “Yippee” and give them my “jazzing hands”.  Everybody smiles at that and gets a kick out of it.  Some join in and give me “jazzing hands” back or blow their horns as they pass.  It’s all in fun and everybody laughs and gets in a happy mood.

Wish it would stop raining every day about 4-6 p.m.  We’ve been trying for the past two days to have our staff over for a wiener roast at our site but it has rained.  If we don’t do it tonight I’m going to have to deliver it to everyone to get the hominy casserole and baked beans eaten.

Remember, you are loved.

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