Monday, July 8, 2013

Trail Ridge Road

This is a beautiful road up the road from the Stillwater Campground in Granby, through Grand Lake and then up the road.  Costs $20 to drive on it, but luckily Jim and I both have Golden Age Passes so it was free.

There was still snow up there two weeks ago.


The scenery up there is absolutely breathtaking.

CIMG3176 CIMG3186
CIMG3197 CIMG3193
CIMG3199 CIMG3187

The roads have a lot of switch-backs.  Look at the photo of our GPS and the three windy roads.

CIMG3177                          CIMG3207

A bike rider was nice enough to take our picture.


When you exit Trail Ridge Road you go right into Estes Park.  Cute town but very commercialized and touristy.  Not my taste.  I prefer Georgetown.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Where you are standing by the wall was where we were many years ago and there were all kinds of birds flying around. I had a biscuit in my hand and tore off a piece and held it out, low and behold one of them landed on my wrist and took the piece of biscuit out my hand and ate it. I think Dave got a picture of it. It is a beautiful drive, one we will have to enjoy again.

  2. I prefer southwest Colorado. Like you, Estes Park was way too commercial for me. Even the National Park was too crowded.


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