Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Class Rally-Monday

We are having our Class of 2007 Rally at Alamo Fiesta RV Resort here in Boerne, Texas. It is a perfect place to have a rally. They have a nice rally hall adjacent to about 20 camp sites. The rally hall has a complete kitchen, tables, chairs and even separate restrooms for our use. So we have all our meals here and then people gather in the hall during the day to chat. Marty is going to give a class on genealogy, Patty is giving a class on a decorative tee shirt and Molly is going to show how to create a blog and use Picasa.

We drove around town and you can sure tell you are in a Germany area of Texas as all the street signs end in "strasse". There were many German communities settled in central Texas in the 1840s, Boerne among them. . Fredericksburg probably the best known. Boerne was named for Ludwig Boerne, a German poet. There are a lot of beutiful white stone buildings in town like the city hall on the left and the public library on the right.

We all kind of did our own thing yesterday and gathered in front of Bob and Molly's rig for Happy Hour. The weather has been gorgeous and we want to thank all the folks we left behind in Summerdale, Alabama, for their sacrifice as they took the continual rain and bad weather on themselves and left us with the 80 degrees, clear skies and sunny weather. It is much appreciated!!!Last night we had a potato bar for all gathered here so far. We had a cheese sauce, chili topping and hamburger gravy along with cheeses, sour cream, bacon, chives, cilantro, etc. It was all delicious and very filling.

We all had a good laugh at Molly as she tried to heat up croissants in the rally hall kitchen. She mistakenly turned on the broiler and burned the heck out of them. She opened the oven door to check on them and they were smoldering-she closed the door and yelled-then she opened the door again and the rolls were on fire-she closed the door and yelled louder-she opened the door again and the flames started-she closed the door and really yelled. Of course, every time she opened the door the oxygen rushed in and created more fuel for more heat. We all laughed a lot.

She then put in another batch for dinner, but Hank was ready for her this time.

Luckily Molly is a very good sport and took all the ribbing in stride. She is a good kid.

After dinner some of the folks stayed and played Farkle with Bill, Lesle, Jim and I playing Hand and Foot.

It was a good day. Remember, you are loved.

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