Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Class Rally-Tuesday

Up early this morning to bake honey bars for class breakfast. Those honey bars have been a favorite of all our gatherings and are requested often. Jim put up St. Patrick Day decorations for me
Molly did it again!!! She didn't use the broiler even and the croissants STILL got really brown.They weren't as burned as yesterday, so she only got a Second Place award :)

A few of us got together and knit and crocheted. Marcia showed us her crocheted bags from plastic bags. They did a lot of these at Summerdale also. Very creative and practical. Patty taught a class on a decorative braid on the bottom edge of a tee shirt.

A lot of people dressed up in holiday gear.

Happy hour was a great success with a theme of "Everything Green" to see what folks would come up with besides guacamole. There was green olives, pistachios, a green cheese with horseradish and I made a warm spinach/cheese dip.

The big hit of the hour were jalapeno poppers. They were made with shrimp, crab, cream cheese and baked. They were very, very good and luckily for me, not very hot.

But you never know which jalapenos will be mild and which hot. Unfortunately, Marcia got a hot one and it didn't agree with her. Her expressions say it all! We all laughed so very hard.

Dinner was Hobo Stew with everyone bring a can of soup or vegetables. We had quite a collection of items from beans, tomatoes, and including sweet condensed milk! It was a fun evening with lots of laughs. We had two Margarators going and there was much laughter and great camaraderie.

Later in the evening we took our chairs outside and gazed at the sky as Mark and Renita Brackin taught us about the difference between planets and stars and how to identify constellations. Mark pointed out the space station as it moved across the sky and named the first appearing nine stars. It was a very interesting evening.

Remember - you are loved.

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