Sunday, March 22, 2009

Arrived in Hondo, Texas

We made it to Hondo, Texas, Friday about noon. This is pretty much a dead zone for all cell service and air cards, so I won't try to post much from here - especially uploading photos of our last night at the rally. I'll wait till we get to Pecos tomorrow.

We thought we'd go on Highway 90 and then 285 to Pecos instead of taking I-10. We'll see much more territory that way.

Escapees' Hondo coop park is called Lone Star Corral. It is beautifully maintained and q-u-i-i-i-e-e-t-t-t. You kind of feel like you should whisper all the time. But that is actually what we wanted, just a little down time from the rally. We didn't put up the DISH satellite, and there are only a few tv stations coming through the bat wings, so we are reading and napping a lot.

Trish came in yesterday and we all went out for dinner to Bill & Rosa's in nearby D'Hanis. Biggest chicken fried steak portion I've ever, every seen. Photos tomorrow.

Remember - you are loved.

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