Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another reunion

Wednesday, March 25th while still in Pecos, Texas, we got to have another reunion with workampers. Greg and Bree Witter drove their Harley over from Big Springs to see us, a two hour drive one way. But that is how fulltimers are - we'll drive long distances to reunite with a friend when they are traveling in the area.

Greg and Bree worked as Pickers at, and were also parked in Walter Johnson. Being multi-talented Greg is also an RV tech and he and Bree are both massage therapists.

We enjoyed a fine visit and lunched on Opy's beef sausages and hot dogs a la Chapman :)

Then we went over to view the West of the Pecos Museum. The world's first rodeo took place in Pecos in 1883, and the museum records a lot of that history. Built of red sandstone in 1896 it was a saloon down stairs and bedrooms upstairs. In 1904 a third floor was added. Later a two story hotel was added to the side. The hotel's many rooms now houses a very interesting array of articles.

Each room of the hotel is a mini-museum of sorts. One room is dedicated to the history of the volunteer fire department, one room for the Masons, another for Eastern Star, then there was the medical profession, school room, lawyers office, Buffalo soldiers, hispanic culture,etc.
There was even a 1920's beauty shop complete with electric perm machine - looked like a form of torture! It was very well done and was immensely interesting.

After returning back to the campground we visited some more with the Witters, reminiscing about the days at and all the mini-reunions we have had with amazon alumni since Coffeyville.

We said goodbye with hopes to see them on the road some time or maybe back in Coffeyville come October.
We ate again at Alfredo's Restaurant as we were leaving the next day.
Remember, you are loved

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