Monday, March 30, 2009

Lazy Day-Lakewood, NM

Yesterday was just a stay-at-home, lazy day for us. I continued to knit on the jacket I am making. I want to get done as much as I can before visiting my friend, Emily, in Magdalena this week, so she can teach me how to block and put it together.

It was a pretty nice day and we had the door opened all day. We finished the day with a great barbequed steak dinner and then going to the clubhouse for their monthly birthday/anniversary party of ice cream and desserts.....more food!!!

We were going to leave today, but there are high winds predicted for today, with winds anticipated to be up to 50 MPH. No thanks, we'll sit still for another day and see what tomorrow brings.

Can't have a posting without a photo of some kind, so here is a sunset at the Great Sand Dunes National Park near our hometown, Alamosa, Colorado. Remember, you are loved.

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  1. We remember that sunset! Gorgeous! It's been fun following your Blog and we'll continue to see what you're up to as summer comes. Travel safely and we hope we'll catch up with you in Colorado this summer. Big Hugs, Jan and Chuck


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