Thursday, March 12, 2009

I-10 out of Alabama

We left Summerdale, AL about 9 am and got on I-10 west. FYI I-10 is still a bear to drive on. We bounced along, bounced along, bounced along. Those expansion joints are the worse!

We did get on I-12 in Louisiana as soon as we could. I battened down everything as well as I could; even restricted Jim to 1/2 gallon of milk for the trip, but we still had the shelves and door of the refrigerator collapse and fall. I thought I stuffed the cabinets with enough paper towels and things to keep everything from moving forward - but everything moved forward! Luckily, this doesn't happen every day we drive, but that I-10 is a beast...

But we made it to Broussard, LA just south of Lafayette by 4 pm. This morning early we'll go to Avery Island - home of Tabasco sauce and take the tour and, of course, visit the gift shop. This is our second visit but the first for Lesle and Bill. They should be bottling, which we didn't get to see last trip. After that we will drive up to Jasper, Texas to avoid I-10 again and maybe spend the night. Or we may drive on up to Livingston.

All plans set in jello as we keep saying. We hardly ever know where we will sleep one night to the next. My gypsy roots are in high gear and I love it.

Remember, you are loved!

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