Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pecos, Texas

We had an easy, although seven hours long drive from Hondo to Pecos, Texas. We decided to take I-10 instead of Highway 90 because it took half the time.

As if 75 MPH speed limits aren't bad enough in Texas everything is here the speed limit is 80 MPH. I wonder how much lower your mileage goes done at 80 MPH.
In these economic times people have to use ingenious ways to run a business. This fellow converted a school bus into Roadrunner Fabrics and parked on the side of the road by the railroad tracks.

Along the way we had a few Kodak moments to share. At our first rest stop Lesle found this butterfly on the road with a split wing. We placed it by a bush when we left.
We saw a lot of windmill farms in this area of western Texas as you can see in the background. That's Bill and Lesle's rig ahead of us.

Here is a funny looking hill - Lesle called it a boob hill...well it looks like it from a distance.

Escapees' Tra Park is not much, God bless them. It IS just a parking lot on the side of the street out in the open. They have metal-topped covered patios with a picnic table between every two spaces. Those are really needed with the heat in this part of Texas. The club house is an old single-wide trailer with 4 chairs, kitchen area and one of the back bedrooms is set up for puzzles and games. But the $14.50 daily fee comes with electricity and there isn't any taxes

We ate at a swell Mexican restaurant.....but that's another posting. Remember, you are loved.

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