Sunday, March 22, 2009

Class Rally-Thursday

We found out Lone Star Corral Escapees Park has free wifi, so we are now able to catch up on our blog.
We started the day with an Omelet in a Bag breakfast. You are given a ziplock bag with two eggs cracked in it and you add all the goodies you want.
Then you went outside and added your bag to the pot of boiling water.

You boil the bags for 13 minutes

and out rolls a perfect omelet

For whatever reason I didn't take any more photos that night. We had great happy hour snack Thursday night with a cerviche the first place winner with a hot crab dip coming in second. Then we had to eat dinner!!! We had wonderful deep fried turkey we had for dinner Thursday night. The guys fried two whole ten pound turkeys and five turkey breasts. Everyone else brought appropriate side dishes like dressing, rolls, sweet potatoes, salads and veggies. Oh, just roll me to my rig!!!!!

After dinner we had a Chinese gift exchange that was hilarious as usual. The biggest laughs went to a copy of RV Vacations for Dummies like full time rvers need that. Jim and I actually got a great item - Readers' Digest The Most Scenic Drives in America. Good for when we go into a new area to find the nice places to see.

Friday morning we all bid each other good-bye and filled out surveys of where to meet next year and when. Hope we can make it to the next one. These classmates are very precious to us and arranging to see each other again is important to us. They are our family on the road and we love and support each other like a family. We read each other's blogs and post each other on discussion forums, but being in each other presence a few times a year is a must do for us. God speed, dear friends, see you down the road!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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